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  • Not inerested in solids

    My 12-month-old DS eats some solids, but is still getting most of his nutrition from breastmilk. It seems no matter what I try, he only eats a little bit of food here and there. At mealtimes, he will eat several bites before wanting down to play or breastfeed. I offer snacks throughout the day, and unless it's an orange or pear, he's usually satisfied with a few bites.

    At his one year well baby visit, the doctor said he looks good. He is close to the 50th percentile for height, and less for weight. Developmentally he's doing well ... walking, talking, etc. The doctor advised continuing to offer healthful snacks throughout the day by placing finger foods in a muffin tray. LOL - That sounds great, but DS will take about one bite, before playing with the rest.

    I don't mind breastfeeding, which I do on demand every 3 hours or so during the day (he often eats only on one side at a time) and several times at night. I'm glad the doctor wasn't worried, but I'm wondering what else I should be doing. Have any of you experienced this? Does anyone have suggestions on how to help him eat more solids? My husband says he's like us - he eats to live; he doesn't live to eat.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, there are a few kids in my local group that have an attitude about food like your son. Some children are just like that! A local homeopathic doctor calls them "freshairians" because it seems to be all they are living on. Its great that you are still breastfeeding and that he is a decent measurement for your doc to be OK with it. There were two other children in our group that were very low on the charts and not interested in food that much. One of the kid's doc wanted her to get Pediasure, and the other took all the tests known to man. All four of these children are now older and like food a little better, but never really measure average for weight. Nothing is wrong with them, hitting developmental milestones etc. In all four ---watching the child, not the charts---- is the key! They were only looking at the chart! The kids were acting like kids! These mom's were all breastfeeding too and some docks don't look at a different chart then the one they have for the whole practice.....based on fomula feeding. Formula fed children gain weight at a different rate so comparing your child to that chart may get an artificially low weight on your son.

    Anyway! Relax! Thats just him

    Average Growth Patterns of Breastfed Babies

    A growth chart isn't a test, where you are striving to get your baby into the 100th percentile. The growth charts show us the statistical distribution of weight, height , etc. in a particular set of babies (or children or adults). So if a baby is in the 50th percentile for weight on the CDC charts, it means that half of the babies of the same age in the US are heavier and half are lighter; if a baby is in the 10th percentile for height, then 90% of babies of the same age in the US are taller and 10% are shorter. Healthy babies, just like adults, can come in all shapes and sizes - a baby in the 3rd percentile can be just as healthy and normal as a baby in the 97th percentile.
    Healthy breastfed infants tend to grow more rapidly than formula-fed infants in the first 2-3 months of life and less rapidly from 3 to 12 months.
    The 1977 growth charts for babies under 2 years old, which are still used by many doctors, are based on a study conducted in Ohio from 1929 to 1975.

    The babies in this study: were primarily fed formula or a combination of breastmilk and formula often started solids before 4 months
    As a result, the 1977 growth charts are not a reliable indicator of the growth of children who: are breastfed only and delay solids until around six months, as is now recommended by many health organizations.


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      I agree. I wouldn't worry. My first did the same thing. He's 2.5 yo now and eats constantly! Just ride with it. Children eat in their own time.


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        Thank you so much, Naomi and April, for your encouraging and reassuring responses!

        Every day is learning experience. LOL - Yesterday I realized that he loves cold (homemade) macaroni and cheese. I was getting some out to warm for him, and he grabbed a handful of it. He ate more mac and cheese than ever.

        I think you are both right ... this is just the way he is and as long as he's healthy, his eating habits are normal for him.

        Thanks again! I don't know what I'd do without this board.


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          I had this and on occasion there are days my guy goes back to nursing all day. He is 3.5 years old.

          They do eat at their own pace.


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            EcoMaMa, thanks for sharing this. It's so reassuring to know I'm not alone.


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              hi new to this group and my son has the same thing going on, plus he has trouble with textures, he will gag himself and spit up food that isnt pureed enough...anyone have any thoughts...please help


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                This was recommended on another group that focuses on food allergies and sensitivities.

                Just Take a Bite By Lori Ernsperger, Tania Stegen-Hanson

                steffanimarie- How old is your child? He may simply be at a point where he is not ready to eat if very young. Tell me more!


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                  wow hi!!! i didnt expect a response...thanks so much....he is 11 mos. old hes had this problem since they told me to start solids at 6 mos. now the stupid doctor is telling me my breast milk hasnt got enough nutrients in switching dr.s by the way...hes REALLY tall and about 22 lbs. so i think hes ok. he might eat 1 container of sweet potatoes/squash or chow down on 3 1/2 in one day hes finicky...but arent we all!!!!any thoughts


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                    oh by the way hes got an issue with food texture and gags on food that isnt super he just not ready...just now teething 2 bottom teeth as well....thanks bunches for any thoughts!


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                      OMG! Your milk is so awesome! Don't let that doctor tell you any different! It's especially important for those children that just aren't into eating solids yet! Don't feel pressured to replace a superior food with 'filler'.

                      Respect your baby’s likes and dislikes. There is no essential food (except breastmilk). If your baby does not like a certain food, do not push it on him. If you think it important for him, wait a few weeks and offer it again
                      above from

                      Some babies thrive on breastmilk alone until 12 months or later - as long as your baby is continuing to gain weight and grow as he should, your milk is meeting his needs well
                      above from

                      I know 2 mom's whose children were not in a hurry to eat solid food and really only dabbled in it untill they were over 1. They ate some, but not much compared with children who really seemed to enjoy it. Eventually they did become the average toddler eater, still breatfeeding just to fill those gaps. You said he was growing fine and otherwise developmentally alright? Then relax!


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                        Check out this website...really interesting, let them follow their own lead and regulate their food intake like breastfeeding...

                        I know you are in the US but in the Uk it has a lot of followers....I did it and my LO only started to eat anything resembling food at 12 she eats if hungry and not if not, she eats a HUGE variety as well.

                        Hope this helps a bit...



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                          We did BLW with both kids, although DD is 9 months and still no actually eating anything.

                          One day they eat, you just need to offer the food and let them do it when they are ready


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                            Originally posted by PoshMama View Post
                            We did BLW with both kids, although DD is 9 months and still no actually eating anything.

                            One day they eat, you just need to offer the food and let them do it when they are ready
                            Aha another Uk person? I am from the Uk but living in Aus....yes BLW is great!!!


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                              in the USA baby led weaning though means weaning from nursing, it's a funny difference.

                              Yep I'm from and in the UK