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Cavity in night nursing 2 year old

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  • Cavity in night nursing 2 year old

    I've just realized tonight that my nearly 3 year old has a cavity in one of his front teeth. I'm shocked! It is on both sides and wraps around to the back on each side as well. I am a flossing and brushing fanatic and I can't believe it. Growing up, no one cared if I brushed or not, and my molars are filled with cavities. I swore that I would never let that happen to my kids, and now it has. Just the one tooth is dacayed and all the rest look great (as best I can see in a 2 year old's mouth). I had always noticed that the side edges of his tooth were whiter than the rest of the tooth, but I thought that must be because of it's very tight fit between it's neighbors. Now it seems that part turned brown overnight. It is up against the gum line in the back of the tooth and I hope it's not painful to him. My cavities always hurt, so I assume his does too.

    Does anyone know how they repair a front tooth? Will the repair look obvious? I don't want kids asking or teasing about his tooth when he is older. He still has 3 or more years with that tooth.

    I nurse him to sleep at night and at naptime now, but nursed him at least 8 times/night not too long ago. I thought breast milk was okay for teeth? Now I'm not so sure.


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    i highly doubt it's related to bfing, in fact, most research indicates otherwise. there could be a genetic cause completely unrelated to food. i recommend you find a bfing knowledgeable dentist and get it checked out.


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      Wasn't sure from you description but if the tooth is grossly discoloured and and the area is spreading fast (like overnight) it may not be a cavity it might be a dead tooth. ie. he injured the tooth at some point and now it is "dying". Sorry, I realize that is not a great explanation any dentists out there?

      My son had that happen to his front tooth. It started going gray at the top near the gum line and over a couple of days the gray area spread to cover most of the tooth. His gum is a bit gray looking too above the tooth. The dentist said the adult tooth should grown in fine and there is nothing to do in the meantime (unless I wish to submit him to a cosmetic dental procedure).


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        Don't blame the nursing! Everything I have read does not draw a link between it.
        Is Breastfeeding Linked to Tooth Decay?
        Big Bad Cavities: Breastfeeding Is Not the Cause
        Breastfeeding and Dental/Oral Health
        The information on this collection of pages has been reprinted with permission from LLLI publications.

        Hope that helps!


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          I realize this was posted 2 years ago, but in case you are still around, can you tell me what did you end up doing about the cavities?