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Anyone else formula/bottle feeding?

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    Originally posted by Garden Mama View Post
    Thankfully I got in contact with an LC and we attempted to return ds1 to nursing with an SNS but it didn't work. So instead I pumped milk for him when his little brother was born-and that really helped me heal and feel better about the whole thing.
    You are such a good mamma..
    I tried to re lactate too after my chemo and it did not work either..
    I still try with my daughter to nurse occasionally to get rid of her pacifier (a whole different thread issue) that she got hooked too while I was ill.
    It is all about healing for me and I am glad you had some closure in your story


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      I am not, but I have a very low milk supply and have had several breast surgeries during Ronnie's infant years.
      I have breastfed others children and have had others help with milk for my little guy.
      I have been very fortunate and I know many women who are unable to nurse in my Infertility group and have seen how heartbroken they were.
      I always remind them that is what formula is there for. It is there for those mama's who are unable to nurse.
      Sending out supportive thoughts.