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    So I decided to start weaning my two year old son, which in my world means that he will actually be weaned sometime between now and age 4!

    Anyway, my first plan was don't offer if it's not asked for. My second plan was only nurse at certain times of the day and only in specific areas of the house. This helps eliminate the nursing while on the phone, nursing while typing, and the infamous nursing while mommy is stuck on the toilet routine!

    So yesterday, I thought things were going well until I looked down while I was posting a thread on the forum. To my surprise, my son had climbed into my lap and was snuggled up nursing away. I was so involved in typing that I hadn't even noticed.

    Nursing has become so natural that I can't imagine what life will seem like without it. So even though I am "weaning", I plan to enjoy every last moment.

    Richmond, VA

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    How cute! I can just picture him climbing up into your nap sneakily. Hee hee!

    I'm glad to hear you are weaning gently. I hope it goes well for you both!


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      Originally posted by jenkrug View Post
      nursing while mommy is stuck on the toilet routine!
      I thought I was the only one who has ever had to do this!

      I love your story!


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        what a cute story! my son is 19 months old, and I have a feeling I will be in your shoes as we still LOVE to nurse! It has been such a blessing nursing especially through boo-boos and teething troubles. It's hard for me to imagine not nursing him, but I know that one day it will come and will be bittersweet. My husband jokes and wonders who will actually be "weaned" in the future... me or our son! Anyhow, we practice Natural Family Planning, so I am nursing him until he decides to wean as this helps to naturally space out our family. We probably still nurse about every 30 minutes to an hour when he's awake and still several times a night. Thank goodness we do the family bed thing or I'd never get enough sleep! Oh, speaking of sneaky nursing... I was trying to teach our son Itsy Bitsy Yoga, and while I was in an inverted position, he thought that was such a "neat" way to nurse (with me sort of upside down in the downward dog position)... he's so silly!
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          Reading your post reminds me of the many conversations my husband and I have had.

          Me: Wow! Arianna sure slept last night. She didn't even wake to nurse.
          Him: Um...She nursed all night. Every time I looked over at you, she was nursing!

          Such great memories. Even if I couldn't remember the nursing through the night.