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No bottle thanks Dad! How to feed while I'm at work?

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  • No bottle thanks Dad! How to feed while I'm at work?

    Hi there,
    After heaps of work to get my daughter to breastfeed well she wont take a bottle of express from her daddy!
    She's just 3 months old and we had heaps of trouble getting her to breastfeed initially, we had a rocky start! So now she know's what she likes and it's boob! not bottle!
    I have to go back to work, however I am lucky in that I work in a building next to my home and do not work for more than 3 hours at a time, only 12 hours/week, however Amber loves to 'snack' every hour and a half to two hours or so!!!! (Even at night! which is driving me a little bonkers!) If she doesn't have this reassurance then she gets a little scratchy!
    Any suggestions?

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    Good job on that nursing persistence!
    How many nipples/bottle types have you tried? Find a freind or two with a variety to try so you don't have to buy any untill you found one she likes.

    Other alternatives for infant feeding are listed at Kellymom.

    It seems you might want to go straight to a cup. I know my own babies only liked sucking straight from the source and choose to take liquid from a cup, without that middle of the road sucking sensation from a bottle.

    Keep trying!


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      Have you seen the Natural Nurser bottles? I would've switched to this if we had any more difficult with our son when I was working full time:

      It's expensive, but it's BPA free, breast-like to avoid nipple confusion and if Daddy's feeding at home, it can help! I would also like to recommend KellyMom's ideas for infant feeding. When I was working full-time, we used increased nighttime nursings in order to use less milk during the day. I didn't feel as though I lost much sleep (we coslept) and since I had letdown/supply problems anyway, it helped take some of the pressures of pumping off.


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        I had the same problem with my daughter. It took 6 weeks before she would breastfeed and now that she does she wants to every hour to 2 hours. She also wont take a bottle from me or anyone else IF I'm in the room. However as soon as I leave she will take it. So you may want to try leaving her with dad by himself to bottle feed. I also recommend the Platex Natural Latch slow flow bottle. They are cheap and have drop in liners so they're easy but they also simulate the breast better. It's the only bottle my daughter will take just make sure you get the slow flow nipple. Good Luck