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    I have a good friend w/ a 3 wk. old. She is having problems nursing and as a result her milk supply is now low. She has been working with a lactation consultant, and a supportive pediatrician. Fenugreek didn't have much of an effect, and now the doctor is recommending a non- FDA approved pharmaceutical (donpardome???) to increase milk supply. She is torn on what to do. Please help with any feedback or opinions!!

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    i'm a little confused, can you clarify? why is she torn? is it b/c the drug is not FDA approved? it sounds like she has gotten advice from her doc, is she unhappy w/the advice? is she looking for a 2nd opinion? what does the LC say about the drug?

    i do have a friend who used it. i believe she had to order it through another country and the first time it was confiscated by customs, but ordered it again and got it.


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      it's over the counter in europe. Dr Newman is a big supporter of it, it's pretty safe and often works well for mothers.


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        breastfeeding drug

        Thanks for the info PoshMama ~

        To clarify, she is torn b/c it is not approved by the FDA. I guess she found out that it used to be used intravenously for cancer patients and had some severe effects taken that way ~ possibly death????

        I think that when considering a newborn and weighing the risk to benefit, she is struggling with putting something in her body then giving it to her babe without as much info as she'd like.

        I personally have a lot of skepticism w/ the FDA in general and try to avoid pharmaceuticals unless in emergencies, but she is just concerned about safety and long term effects. She is extremely motivated to breastfeed and will do what it takes w/in reason to have that relationship w/ her babe.

        Does anyone know how long it's been out, and if there are side effects or risks?


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          as moderators of API, we wouldn't be able to advise on the risks or benefits of particular drugs, or to give medical advice. it sounds like your friend has some research to do. however, if someone has had a personal experience with a drug or procedure, they are more than welcome to share it.


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            Has your friend seen the research on it, I'd look on Hale's website and Dr Newman's

            It's OTC here which says a lot, I took the medication myself with my first child.

            Also it's often given to kids with reflux, the FDA bit is silly IMHO.

            Sorry if I go across my bounds as a leader here, just trying to help


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              I took domperidone, and would definitely recommend it to anyone else. If she's concerned about passing it to her baby, it has an L1 classification by Hale (the safest) and is AAP approved for nursing moms.

              The pro-breastfeeding info I've seen on the FDA approval issue characterizes the FDA's position as a crack-down reaction to the off-label use (i.e. as a galactogogue) of the drug, rather than a legitimate concern about it's safety.

              This article on is a good starting point for reading up on domperidone, and contains lots of links to additional information:


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                anything that can be a OTC has to have a certain safety level

                thanks for the great link littleflair


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                  I take domperidone too. The FDA overreacted in my opinion. There were a few instnces of death, but it was with really high doses that were given intevenously which makes a huge difference. It actually shouldn't even be classified as the same as taking the medication orally. Also the patients were very sick people that were in the ICU. They used to give it to babies for reflux. The amount a baby gets from breastmilk is so much smaller than the dose babies used to be given for reflux. If you ask me the FDA was probably bought off by the formula companies to not approve dom. You can buy domperidone in Canada too. You can also get it in here in the US with a prescription and you have to get it at a compounding pharmacy. I don't know if your friend is still considering taking it, but she might want to check out MOBI (mothers overcoming breastfeeding issues), it's a group online that offers support, but also answers questions about problems bfing, especially low supply. Lots of mamas on MOBi take domperidone. There is a similar drug people have taken for low supply called Reglan, but it has more side effects such as depression. The side effects of dom are headache and abdominal cramps. I had abdominal cramps for about 2 weeks, but they went away. I've been taking it for 14 months with no problems. I take 160 mg/day which is the maximum dose, but I'm currently weaning off of it. Good luck to your friend. Seriously have her check out MOBI even if she doesn't want to take dom.