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  • pumps??

    I start a new job in Aug. I'll be working 3 days and will need to make 1-2 bottles each day. DS2 will be 3 months then. Does anyone know enough about pumps to help me decide which one to purchase/rent?

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    What area do you live in?


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      I am in Waco, TX - not exactly the epicenter of forward thinking, although I think there is some sort of LLL.


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        I have lots of experience with pumping. I went back to an 80 hour a week job when DD was 6 weeks old - and exclusively nursed when home, but she got EBM when I was at work. Still, she was exclusively breastfed for almost a year (and still nursing, but no more pumping).

        I had great luck with the Medela double electric pump. When I used a hand pump, I found the Isis to be the best, but the double electric was easier and faster.

        Two invaluable things for me were a handsfree bra and the advice to pump just before going home. With the baby nursing, you'll still be able to make plenty of milk when it's needed, but you'll probably get a lot more milk right before you see the baby than you will earlier in the day.

        Please feel free to write me privately for more details! I actually live close to you, but a little more rural than Waco!