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14 month old still nighttime bottle feeds

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  • 14 month old still nighttime bottle feeds

    Hi! My baby girl is 14 months old (today) and she still wakes for nighttime feedings. She takes a bottle to go to bed (most of the time) at around 8pm and wakes up around 1am for a bottle. HISTORY-She has issues with reflux and milk protein intolerance so she is on Nutramigen. I nursed her for 4 months unaware of my impending thyroid issues and her milk protein intolerance so her reflux acted up during that time and my milk dried up so she went to formula and bottles at 4 months. I have always had to rock her to sleep because of the horrible burping (which improved once Nutramigen was started at 6 months). Her first formula was GentleEase but upon much self-research I discovered her intolerance to soy! As you might be able to tell, a good pediatrician has not been involved. I am a former pharmaceutical rep so I have done nothing but research.

    I practice most of the principles of AP. She slept in our room until she was 6 months and often sleeps with us but I honestly believe she prefers her crib so she is there most of the time.

    I don't know if I am doing this right...if I can't give her milk, or soy milk, when do I stop the formula? Is it ok to give her a bottle to bed and one or two at night when she wakes? I've tried giving reflux meds (thinking that might be why she wakes), teething meds (thinking that might be why), simply rocking her back to sleep, etc. and NOT giving her a bottle ONLY to have her wake up again in about 45 mins. She'll sleep anywhere from 4-5 hours straight but seems to be hungry so after trying all the above things, I resort to feeding her and she will then sleep another 4-5 hours so I am guessing she's actually hungry. Only a few times has she actually slept 7 hrs straight. I'm about to have another baby and am worried about my ability to cope with even more sleep deprivation. She is a happy baby, very smart, and eats whatever I give her during the day (of course these foods are carefully chosen due to the reflux issue). I have tried giving her pasta and bread at bedtime hoping to fill her up etc.

    I'm not crazy for giving her bottles right? I don't let my baby "cry to sleep" and from what I can tell, she's just hungry at night. Of course people are saying to break her...let her'll only take a couple of weeks, etc.

    Please give me the suggestions of a loving parent....Thanks in advance!

    Leann....mama to beautiful Aubree

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    Night nursing is still common at this age. Using a bottle doesn't change the biological need of the baby Some kids are just thirsty, I know my son woke for a drink for a long time at night.

    Have you tried water vs milk? I know it can deter some kids from waking out of habit. Doesn't always work as then they may still be awake at night just for water.

    As to if formula is ok, why not? Breastmilk would be fine and as formula is a breastmilk replacement I can't see the issue. It is good enough for us to drink if we so wished

    Loads of kids still have bottles at night at a much older age. Besides it being that your responding to their needs well it's just whatever you need to do to get them to sleep without a battle isn't?


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      Hi Leann!
      You sound worried that the nightime bottle is/will cause problems with your daughter's sleep. You sound like you need some reassurance?

      Here is a previous thread on bottlefeeding at night that might be interesting to you. The lady is this thread wants to wean her child from a nightime bottle.

      I will mention that the way formula effects the mouth is different then breastmilk and worth looking into.

      Even considering that, a night bottle of formula will not likely cause any harm. If I were you I would wean her away from it purely so I wouldn't have to prepare or clean a bottle! That is a selfish reason I know! Be easy on yourself, you are a great mom and making a new baby is work too. On the other thread it is suggested to move to a sippy cup slowly and transfer over to water slowly.....over weeks even! There is no reason that it has to be overly stressful for either of you if you choose to make a change.

      Let us know what you do and how it happens!
      We are here for you!


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        Some children metabolize differently than others and need that night time feeding. My first born woke up frequently until two, my second child was an all night sleeper at 7 month and my latest guy... we just started having him have a nurse before bed and asking him to wait until the sun is awake.
        (He is four)

        I did not plan on nursing this long, but if I had been bottle feeding, I probably would have kept going until he was ready.

        My grandmother used to come home from school and have a bottle and her kids came home from school and nursed or had a bottle. There was a time where no judgment was passed and children were allowed to grow at their own pace.

        I am sorry you are having a hard time. I do understand the pressure. I get it a lot about my guy. I am thankful that this is my third and my other children are adults. It has given me a bit more time to get used to the jibes. People that pick on something you do will always find something to pick on so even if you stopped the bottle, they will find "fault" with something else.

        Do what makes you feel good. If giving her the bottle feels good, then do it, if you really feel the need to wean her, then you can work on getting her there with both of you feeling good about it.

        My second I could not co-sleep with for very long. She had restless leg syndrome and no one got any sleep, we shared a room and we are all very happy with that. Now when she visits, she sleeps with me and her brother for naps and night time. It makes up for me missing out when she was tiny.

        Lots of love to you both mama! She wont be taking the bottle that long in the big scheme of things.