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3yo still wants to BF, forgotten how to latch properly

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  • 3yo still wants to BF, forgotten how to latch properly

    My three and a half year old little girl is very articulate and talks about nursing every day. I don't think she is emotionally ready to wean.

    I'm happy to continue, however over the past month or two she has begun to latch by grasping the nipple lightly and sometimes not so lightly with her teeth, even when she's drowsy or mostly asleep.

    When lI discuss it with her she insists -- adamantly! -- that she can't get milk when she opens her mouth and presses the whole nipple in. And she jubilantly announces "See mommy, I didn't bite! No teeth!" after she unlatches -- when my nipples are sore from being tugged and nipped. I am coming to dread nursing sessions, and I know that she can sense that.

    Since she clearly isn't aware of the change, does anyone have suggestions? I know that this is probably a stage in the natural weaning process, but it's a painful one. And her naynays are very special to her.

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    As she is nursing you should let her knows that it hurts mommy how she is doing it. There is no reason you should keep mum about it, keep encouraging her to do it another way or you will have to stop nursing and take a break (just that session) not in a mean and punitive way, just in an "ouch that hurts" way.
    I wouldn't know how to describe to someone how to do it either but maybe if she kept trying she could figure it out. If she is drinking a lot from sippy cups that might be a suck that is translated over.......? hmmmmm