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  • Under weight:(

    I have a wonderfully active toddler who is really under weight. It's generally the first thing everyone comments on when they see her. "wow isn't she slender/skinny" or "oh my you can see her ribs!". It becoming very frustrating. I offer her tons of food all day long. All of it really healthy but really fattening. For example: whole grain crackers with cream cheese, spaghetti, meat balls, and mozzerelaor a dolop of sour cream. The problem i'm having is getting meat (especially beef of all types) and grains (she'll lick the cream cheese off and leave the cracker/bagel). The dr. has also commented on how underwieght she is and that anything she ingests must have a caloric intake to it. So that means homo milk/ juice instead of water. She's breastfed as well. I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions on how i can get her to eat more.
    We generally always have some food out for her. and i've stopped forcing her in her highchair for snack. instead letting her play and eat at the same time, however she's not exactly the neatest eater and it's getting tiring constantly following behind her cleaning up (I really should invest in a dog! lol). any suggestions would be great!

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    really healthy fats like avocado, walnuts, olive oil, can be added to many foods, esp. the ones you have listed. eggs can be added into things, too, or scrambled w/whole milk if she'll eat them. will she do smoothie? you can pack a lot of food into those. non-API info here, but if you can find a raw-milk source in your area, that may really benefit her.

    also, have you considered food allergies? some kids can't break down things like dairy and wheat products, so it blocks absorption of other foods.


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      I was thinking food allergies, too. Maybe the dairy is a problem.

      I think a lot of kids do not enjoy eating meat. It is difficult to digest.

      I think eggs are great, and avocados. I make DD fruit popsicles by just blending whole fruit and freezing it in cool molds. I think you could also add avocado to those for calories.

      Really, if she's healthy and thriving, I don't know how concerned I would be. I try to offer my daughter nutritious caloric foods, regardless of her health.

      And I do think water is very very important for health. I would never go with a diet that doesn't include some free water.

      And it's wonderful that she's still nursing! That really helps ease my mind on the all-lollipop days


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        How are you and her father built? How was your weight at this age? I have a few friends who's children are much on the small size 5th percentile etc....... but healthy and hitting milestones. One has had an entire battery of tests run only to find his size is totally normal for him! The cream cheese sounds pretty calorie full!
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