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food for potty training 3yo

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  • food for potty training 3yo

    I have a 3yo who eats precious little, has very soft (wallpaper paste) stool, and I really need to get him potty trained this fall (for my own sanity). He will have a very hard time cleaning himself if I don't solve the "poop problem" first. I know that rice and bananas are "binding" foods and will help with his poop problem, but he will not eat rice (texture issue) and will eat a few bites of banana only occasionally. He will eat meat if it's a hot dog, chicken nugget or fish stick which I don't like to do too often. I can find good hot dogs (all beef, no nitrites) but he likes Hebrew National better (nitrites),and I struggle with the unhealthy fried stuff.

    My big question is - since he will eat almost any baked good (muffins and cookies mostly), does rice flour count as rice??? I found a recipe for rice flour banana muffins and can make them low sugar - I'm sure he will like them. Normally I sneak veggies into muffins, but I think the high fiber content is a big part of the problem.

    Also, do cheese and yogurt help or hinder our speedy digestion issue??

    If any of you have any insight/ tips/ advice i'd be so very grateful!!

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    a bulking type fibre like phyllium might actually be helpful because it absorbs water. Stuff like that would probably bake well into muffins.


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      IF you struggle with it not being solid enough you might try lessoning the amount of juice he drinks and other 'loosening' food.
      It sounds like he might have a bit of unbalance in his system that might be healed by eating yogurt. It also could be a food sensitivity that you are not aware of. Thease are just ideas of course. If he does not like meat I see no reason why he has to be served it in thoose less then ideal presentations as long as he gets protein in some combination. You can make baked goods with rice in them and a whole variety of flours but it changes the recipie a bit so you will have to practice a bit. I will look for some recipies for you.
      Can you describe his typical eating for a day. How often does he poop?


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        I just did a quick search and found some links.... (non-API)
        Vegetarian protein ideas (because your son is not into meat)

        Directory of WHOLE GRAINS (with info about vits and mins)

        This looked intersting, maybe worth a try-

        They make whole grain pasta now that is pretty protein filled and oatmeal is a great breakfast. Have you tried them?


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          Does he breastfeed? My 3.5 yr old is continuing to nurse, and I don't think he will ever have firm stools until he weans.


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            We are not breast feeding any more. I limit his juice to 6 oz per day (I get V8's Fusion with the veggies in it). He loves yogurt (Rachel's - yum or greek style). Here's a typical eating day:

            yogurt (like 4 bites)
            muffin (made with wheat and rice flour, bananas, carrots, low sugar)
            string cheese - usually half a piece
            3oz juice
            whole grain waffle with real maple syrup

            snack - Kashi cereal bar or apple sauce (no sweetener added - 3 oz or so)

            cheese squares - 1-2 oz
            fish sticks (2)/hot dog (1/2)/grilled cheese on whole wheat(1/2)
            3oz juice

            chips - sometimes soy/flaxseed/corn, sometimes Doritos, sometimes Triscuits (he likes the roasted tomato ones)

            pizza (crust is wheat and rice flour, sometimes white beans - sauce is tomato and carrot puree with spices, and mozz. - he eats like 1/2 of a 6" usually, sometimes less)
            sour dough roll and applesauce

            ...and he always has a cup of water handy. He does eat chips, cookies and soda now and again at Grandma and Grandpa's (when I'm not there mostly) and he always gets a small bag of chips when he goes to the grocery with dad (I don't do the shopping - lucky me!) I try to push bananas, but he's just not into them. He's not into trying new foods - not even new sweets ( he won't touch a jelly bean).


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              Hmmm, nothing too unsual about his diet. Possibly try a chewable children's Acidophilus to even out his digestive track. I don't think the consistancy of his poop HAS to be a problem with potty learning.
              Have you thought about food sensitivities at all? Is there any gluten or diary issues anywhere in your exteneded family?


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                I think we have ruled out any food sensitivity issues - he just has loose stools. BUT - we are having good success with the potty. Now we're dealing with the pickiness again, and we're almost down to dairy and bread. Does anyone know if brown rice milk and soy yogurt together would be a good protien??? He does like an orange lassi now and then and I've been using whole milk yogurt with orange juice. Would the rice/soy combo work???