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Pediatrician told me to stop nursing my 12 mo. old

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  • Pediatrician told me to stop nursing my 12 mo. old

    Today was little B's one year check up. Everything is fine except she is a little on the lean side. She is still growing tall (and is actually tall for her age). But the doctor found out I was still nursing and told me to stop because "it's time."

    I don't think it is time to stop nursing her! She gets 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day PLUS breastmilk. I don't nurse her right before she eats so that she is hungry for the solids. I let her feed herself until she is done. Then she nurses before her nap, sometimes one afternoon nurse, before bed, and then at night. I'm trying to follow the Baby Led Weaning philosophy and I think it is working.

    Other than her leanness (which isn't unreasonable- she is 17.5 lbs so she more than doubled her birthweight this first year), she is perfect! Developing normally - everything!

    I'm just frustrated that the pediatrician would say that. And in front of my husband. He has always been supportive of breastfeeding, but now she has put a bug in his ear that it is time to wean.

    Ugh. I guess I just need some Mama support right now. That what I'm doing is the right thing.

    Thank you,

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    hmmm, it sounds like your pediatrician is ignorant of both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. the AAP recommends a MINIMUM of one year and the WHO a MINIMUM of 2 years. i'd print a copy of the guidelines for him and present them at your next visit.

    continue to trust your mama instincts!


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      I agree with the above and you may want to think about switching peds if he doesn't listen about this. Your local LLL often will have a list of peds who are bf supportive. At least, I know ours does, I hope they all do!


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        That does not sound like a doc educated about breastfeeding at all. Please find another one ASAP.

        Here are two Kellymom links you might like to read!
        This one includes breastfeeding durations around the world-

        Extended breastfeeding sheet-


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          Thank you

          Thanks so much for your responses. It means a lot to me. Unfortunately the area I live in does not have a LLL group. The online help was tremendous when I was starting out nursing, though, so I am thankful for that.

          I appreciated the info about the WHO and AAP recommendations. And the kellymom info is very interesting as well.

          Thanks again for your support!


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            I agree with all of the above as well. Continue to trust your mama instincts. My son, turning 3, weaned himself off the breast at 18mths. He had always been on the lean side as well. He's got an extremely high metabolism which makes keeping weight on a little tricky. He's alert and energetic when awake, has been sleeping through the night since 8mths and continues to take solid naps during the day. Perfectly healthy in my opinion and I'm sure yours is too. We all come in different shapes and sizes...including babies.


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              I'm sorry you had to go through that. I've had a similar experience and it was very upsetting. It's a shame that some pediatricians are actually doing a disservice to the health of our children.

              Trust your instincts mama! You're doing fabulous!


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                Thank you! I've decided to focus more on seeing the other pediatrician at the office. We've seen her a couple times, and once I remember her commenting that she nursed all four of her children until they were at least 2. So she'll probably be much more supportive.

                Thanks again for your good Mama help!



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                  That's great! I'm glad you have a plan!


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                    when i found out i was pregnant, my son was 11mths old and my obgyn told me to wean him right away b/c "it can cause some problems while your pregnant". i was so mad since 1)i didnt ask her for her opinion and 2) he wasnt ready to be weaned. I did the research already mentioned on and called my lll to get info and they told me to trust my instincts and i'm still nursing my little guy. Its sad but true that we often have to get a second opinion from the ones we get from our doctors!


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                      So true, Amanda. Congratulations on your pregnancy and continuing to nurse!


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                        ooooh - i feel that frustration & don't blame you, just annoying and irritates me too that an MD would say this and think of all the Mums he has told this to who take his/her word for it and then poor child! unreal! leave a copy of "Attachment Parenting" in the office - sorry for this display of frustration but I am just so upset to hear this is said out there. I feed my one year old and will continue to do so, also nurturing suckling too... you are not alone at all with this and all will be fine. I know children and some adults who were breastfed till 3 or 4....I try to control myself with my dear, loved ones and family members who I love and enjoy, when they make hints about 'too much dependency' etc etc... because that is them and I let it be and understand they don't know or different generation/culture etc but a Doctor!!!

                        Keep following your instinct Mamma!


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                          30 pound 14 month old

                          My 14 month old son weighs 30 pounds and is 33 inches tall. He still nurses. He nursed exclusively for the first 6 months. My doctor also asked me about nursing at the 1 year check up. This also made my husband ask about it. Fortunately, my pediatrician is from Africa, so he is supportive of breastfeeding. In Africa, mothers breastfeed longer due to financial need.

                          SB doesn't always eat the best food, or a lot of the good food. It puts my mind at ease that he is still nursing, because then at least I know he is getting his nutrients. I wouldn't necessarily find a new doctor if mine didn't agree with breastfeeding. I am at a point in my life where I don't look at the doctor as the expert on my child. I am the expert on my child. Sure, he can give me an opinion and like everything else, I will take that under advisement, and make my own decision.


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                            Great points, Reggie22 and cklueh! Thank you for taking the time to share them. My LO is still nursing, though she seems to have less and less. I'm just using her as the guide, following the "don't offer but don't refuse" philosophy. Some days (and nights) she wants to nurse a lot, other days (and nights) she nurses very little. I always let her nurse whenever she expresses the wish and for however long she feels the need. I did just end up with mastitis on one side, maybe partly due to the fact that she isn't always draining the breast when she nurses - sometimes she just pops on long enough to get the milk going and then stops. But that's OK. We'll just nurse through it. She is still a peanut - 18.5 lbs or so and a little over 30 inches. I did have a realization that when she fell down the weight chart a little was when she started eating solids. That made me laugh a little because the ped. had said it was my nursing that was causing her to be small, but my nursing actually kept her around the 50th percentile. She only went down percentiles when my milk was replaced with food. Not funny but I still had to have a laugh about it. Anyway - thanks again for your responses. I appreciate it!


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                              I did have a realization that when she fell down the weight chart a little was when she started eating solids. That made me laugh a little because the ped. had said it was my nursing that was causing her to be small, but my nursing actually kept her around the 50th percentile.
                              Breastmilk has good fats and is a more complete food then some carrots or other random solid food intake. Some docs think that a child who stops breastfeeding will start eating TONS of 'meals' and all sorts of stuff in response.....and some kids just do not eat like that. I know a few women in our local group that has very low charted kids and were also told to stop breastfeeding/serve toddler meal supplement drinks just to get the weight up. Keep in mind that otherwise thease children were the picture of health!
                              Children are MUCH MORE then when they are on some chart! I think 50% is very repectable! Keeping that breastfeeding is a great thing for any child/ especially a picky eater/ especialy in flu season!!!