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my 14 month old son still wakes for a bottle in the night

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  • my 14 month old son still wakes for a bottle in the night

    Hi ! My name is penny n I'm 18 yrs old n I'm enjoying being a mum more than I ever imagined I would, my son
    harley is 14month old and he is my world but he doesn't sleep and I'm perminantly tired. He goes to bed
    pretty easy he has a bottle and goes for a walk, he will sleep for a while but always wakes just before I got to
    bed around 11ish . He wake for a bottle drinks half and goes straigh back off with his dummy and blanket,
    but then around 3 he wakes again for more of his bottle but fights goin back to sleep.
    He throws his dummy out of his bed and kicks off his covers and basically what ever he can do to keep him
    Self awake. He is in his own room so I'm in and out giving him his dummy and covering him back up for a
    good part of 2-3 hours a night untill he finally tires himself out n falls back to sleep.
    He has a bath every night before he goes bed and I do every thing I have been advised to try and keep him
    asleep but nothing seem to work. Some one plz tell me this gets beter and he will soon sleep through. X x

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    There are a lot of sleep fighters out there, especially at this age. Your son seems very alert!
    18 m is an exciting developmental age for a child and that might just add to it.

    Another thread about child who resists sleep-
    Kids and sleep API page

    Maybe a masage to help relax mucles, does he walk when you go on your walk? he might have more energy to get out!
    Food sensitivities, additives and sweetners might be affecting his sleep.