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Having trouble with juice and my toddler

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  • Having trouble with juice and my toddler

    My (almost) 2-year-old loves juice. Looooooves juice. She demands it and drinks it so frequently that I think it interferes with her hunger for real food. Watering it down doesn't seem to help - she just drinks more. If it is too watery, she will refuse it altogether. Do I need to just clamp down and stop the juice all together? Or is there a solution that will satisfy both her and I?

    Thanks for the help, ladies (and gentlemen?). I feel like a bit of a board hog, but we don't have AP groups in my community...

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    We did end up not buying juice anymore. It was a gradual withdrawl, using some unsweetened fruit teas to help adjust. My sons like a blueberry herbal iced tea. I also didn't think the commpulsive need to consume more juice was benifiting anyone.


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      Try getting her some all natural 100% fruit juice. It's not particularly healthy, but at least it's not unhealthy. Is she still nursing?


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        Naomi - I'll try the teas for sure! Great idea.

        Itsallthereforyou - fortunately it has only been 100% juice. But there is still lots of sugar in that. But at least nothing high fructose etc.


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          My kids love love love fruit, so I think they get plenty of juice from that so they don't need extra squished up fruit for vitamins. We always used 100% too. Natural sugar can still be too much sugar for a kid. We have cousins who never eat fruit so i can see how juice would fill in their diet more.