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Family table fun ideas?

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  • Family table fun ideas?

    I grew up in a home where the family meal meant we all sat down together and talked during meals. I try that now, but my husband isn't so much on board. So, I'm wondering what fun things other people do during meal times to get the family sitdown time to be something kids and reluctant spouses look forward to?

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    My husband's family never sat down for dinner together, which I found surprising. My family always had dinner together. At first, he wasn't really into the idea, but he warmed up to it over time. I think I talked a little about how it can affect kids positively (kids who eat dinner with their families have higher self-esteem, less likely to use drugs, and more likely to communicate with their parents about difficult issues).

    Even though our kids are young (1 and 2) we still aim to have a sit-down dinner together. Since they are so young, the dinner only lasts a few minutes (maybe 10 min.) and when the girls are done, they can get down and play while we finish up. They love to take their dishes to the sink and put them in the sink - so involving them in parts of the process can help them enjoy it more. Depending on your children's ages, you can have them involved in the prep work as well. A friend of ours gives her 3 year old a plastic knife (plastic because it doesn't cut skin) and he gets to cut the vegetables with it. They can spread jam, bring plates to the table, help pour water or juice, etc.

    Hope this helps a little!