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Gentle night weaning?

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  • Gentle night weaning?

    Hi there,

    I have a 16 month old son who is still waking 5-10 times a night. I usually bf him back to sleep. It's exhausted and I'm ready for a change.

    We are still cosleeping - him and I - dh has been sleeping in another room for about 6 months now. That is another reason for change - I miss him.

    I wonder if he might wake less often if the "milk" wasnt' there?

    How old were your LO's when you night weaned, if at all - how did you go about it? How did it over?

    Thanks so much, appreciate any advice.

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    I think this link will work. I night weaned my ALWAYS waking son at this age with no tears and great results! We are both much happier! Good luck.


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      Thank you for your response and the link. What is so funny about that is - the second link on the list is a thread I had started back in January about ds' nightnursing and asking 'will it ever end' .
      He was 7 1/2 months then - who knew that after 9 more months of this, I'd be asking the same question!!! :-)

      just another indication it's time for change. Your story gives mesome hope, although I do wish I was dealing with one nightwaking. I understand about the pacing/dancing to sleep though - we just transitioned out of that about 2 months ago. One of us now lays with him until he falls asleep which is much better.


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        While I would only nurse once a night, there was typically a lot more nightwaking going on. If I remember correctly I would say it was usually 1-4 times at the time we night weaned (previously, seriously it had been so bad that he might literally sleep 45 minutes at the very longest and then 20 minute segments the rest of the night...UGH). There is hope!


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          Hi Ladies,
          I'm pretty sure I commented on that orginal thread so I guess I don't have any more to add really. It is different when they are older as kids can understand time better.
          You mention that DS sleeps in another room. My first was gently night weaned by sleeping with my husband and I would sleep in another place. I can't remember if your hubby has special nightime stuff going on (like early rising or something). That might help your son. My firstborn would smell the milk and get excited. My second needed a different approach, more of a defer and wait style but he HAD to have me there.
          If you can 'spot' wean your bed room in a if you have to nurse him to put him to sleep go in another room. Maybe defer that as long as possible, gradual and gently. It is more work intialy but if you seem to be making progress with him not thinking that bedroom=nursing then you might be able to all sleep better.
          IT is possible!


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            Originally posted by naomifrederickmd View Post
            You mention that DS sleeps in another room. My first was gently night weaned by sleeping with my husband and I would sleep in another place. I can't remember if your hubby has special nightime stuff going on (like early rising or something).
            DH sleeps in another room - I think that's what you meant?

            He's on strike right now with work so it is a good time for us to try something with him involved. Ds doesn't nurse to sleep at the beginning of the night and he will nurse anywhere during the day. At night - it's what works to get him back to sleep for me - it's the easiest rather than getting out of bed and rocking him or swaying him ect.

            I think what we will try is DH sleeping with him say from 12pm to 5am to start and see how that works for about a week. I don't know what the best approach is. It's not the nursing that is bothering me - it's the FREQUENCY of the night wakings. I don't want in 3 months from now to be soothing him to sleep 10 times a night either instead of nursing. I want the frequency of night wakings to decrease.??? Very confused on which approach would be best.


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              All kids are different so I think you just have to try out some new approaches and see what happens. What works for one kid might not work for another, or might just not work that day or month or whatever. I didn't mind nursing in the night either, but I did mind waking up for hours at a time. And not nursing (which of course did involve daddy having to rock, sing, etc) drastically decreased the night waking...presumably with my son because he was just stirring and then really waking himself up to nurse. When that wasn't an option, there wasn't a reason to get up. Maybe your little one is like this too...maybe not but maybe something else will work. Good luck!


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                Yes, all kids react differently and even the same kids at a different age react differenty!
                Just feel it out, see how the child responds. Sometimes there seems to be a 'window' where one way is working then it dosn't anymore. Then the process gets put back due to illness, teething or travel etc. I like to think of it as a mystery that the soultion is always changing.