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nursing whilst pregnant - pain?

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  • nursing whilst pregnant - pain?

    Hello ladies,

    i have a DD who just turned 3 and am 5 months pregnant. DD seemed to have self-weaned a while back (down to a short nurse at bedtime every 10 days, for many weeks) but has increased her nursing frequency once again to a bedtime feed most nights since feeling insecure about the new baby (i'm guessing, as she's also stepped up clinginess, cuddles/pick-up at all times, coming to my bed at night after having been great about being in her own bed, and saying she doesn't want a sister).
    I am not pushing the issue as i'm guessing that she'll revert back to self-weaning (and sleeping well alone) once she feels better/reassured about the big change in her life. [We read books with her about being a big sister/homebirth etc. and reassure her (words and cuddles) that she'll always be our baby/special girl. Some days she's very sweet about the baby (eg.washes my belly for me ) others she doesn't want to know].

    However, i am finding the nursing really uncomfortable as my boobs are so sensitive and am starting to worry about how i'll cope as they don't seem to get any better. I dread her latching on and just 'stick it out' as opposed to enjoy the nursing :-(. Is this normal? Can i do anything?

    I've been planning to tandem-feed in the sense that i was hoping for her to carry on nursing a little bit (every 10 days was fab! lol) just so she wouldn't feel so jealous of the baby if she was allowed to 'share' the boob, and because i love the comfort it can still provide her.
    But now i'm not sure what's best anymore...I fear i may resent it if she wanted to feed a lot more when baby is here and i find it just too painful :-(.

    Any words of wisdom and advice are greatly appreciated.


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    I am pregnant and nursing as well as 2 of my friends at the moment. One is a LLL leader and she said that it varies a lot between mothers the amount of milk/ pain/ and other sensations when nursing while pregnant. I have very little discomfort while the other two ladies have had more. The LLL leader has A LOT of pain which she belives in her case is because of the hormones her body makes while pregnant. Some of it might have to do with the lessening of milk and so the nipple has more friction.

    The LLL leader paralled her pregnant nursing sensations with the pain she felt in early newborn nursing with her first child. Did you have feelings like that? Just curious!

    But now i'm not sure what's best anymore...I fear i may resent it if she wanted to feed a lot more when baby is here and i find it just too painful :-(.
    I hear what you are saying! Tandem nursing can have so many variations! Have you looked at Adventures in Tandem Nursing, a book by the LLL? I heard that was a good read and would help with some of thease questions.


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      I also have a daughter who just turned 3 and am 5 months pregnant! She still nurses quite a bit - several times a day and at night. In my first trimester, it got very uncomfortable and we cut back dramatically. For a while, I couldn't even sleep in bed with anyone else. Now, it's not so uncomfortable anymore and she's nursing a lot less - usually 3 times a day, sometimes once in the middle of the night, sometimes more on my days off. She understands that I am sore, and, so, if she is nursing longer than I would like, I ask her to stop and she usually does so very readily. She's also gotten very good at "quick milk" - just nursing for a minute or so. I have been so impressed with her ability and willingness to stop on her own without my having to ask. This doesn't happen all the time, but usually.

      I really have just tried to communicate with her and be flexible when it's clear that she really is invested in nursing at a time when I'm not. We've given and taken and I think we both appreciate each other's needs. So, I think when the new baby comes, she'll still be receptive to my explaining and expressing my wishes, at the same time expressing hers, so we can find our comfort spot.