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Early Weaning: A Time of Transition for Baby...and Mom

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  • Early Weaning: A Time of Transition for Baby...and Mom

    How did you handle it when your child weaned earlier than you expected? When my second daughter unexpectedly weaned at 9 months, I chose to bottle nurse day and night -- and we still do that (now with a sippy cup, rather than a baby bottle) at almost 2 1/2 years old.

    Chandra Hamilton was planning to breastfeed her son far into his toddler years. So, when night weaning led to a complete weaning, she wasn't quite sure how to handle her unfulfilled expectations. This is her story of her emotions surrounding early weaning and the new Attachment Parenting practices she learned to maintain the connection between her and her son that breastfeeding had provided for their first 15 months together.

    "As each new talent emerges, toddlers get busy and forget to do lots of things: watch in front of them when moving, pick up toys before stepping on them, and eat. They fight the fork, the spoon, and even self-feeding in an effort to get back to their most important work: play.

    Some toddlers make up by nursing even more at night. Sometimes this continues to work for both mother and toddler. Sometimes, however, Mother chooses to night wean.

    In this case, night weaning led to day weaning, and soon, my toddler was completely off the breast long before I ever considered the idea."
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