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    So excited about Tandem Nursing, my DS and DD, read the book, got lots of info from LLL group, read everything I could get my hands on. Believed that the negative outcomes for some moms would never happen to me cuz I love Breast Feeding sooooo much. Felt in my heart, TN would be a heavenly experience, since nursing had been so wonderful.

    DD 16m, DS 3y. Started having discomfort with DS's teeth and tickleing about 12 months ago. Used support in LLL, positive thinking, praying, changing positions & latch, etc. In the end, I have made it this far, yet 99% of the time when my DS nurses I feel very agitated and I don't let him nurse as long as he wants.

    I want to nurse until he weans. I want to go the distance. I have no other complaints. I love Breast Feeding. I feel so sad and disappointed that this is my situation. I want a 3rd child but feel sad cuz I don't want to tandem nurse the 3rd. But I am 39 and don't have time on my side. I am bummed out. I thought my love for nursing would overcome any issues.
    I feel guilty, that my choice to have children close together has effected my DS's nursing relationship with me. He was 20m when DD was born. Would I have had these issues if he was a single nurser?

    Even if your story is not similar to mine, any information, communication helps me. I have made it 12 months so far. He shows no signs of weaning. I don't want him to wean, WHAT I WANT is to feel like I use to feel when his sucking and latch did not bother me at all. My goal is to let him wean when he is ready!

    Questions for all you extended nursers.
    Are there some of you that have never had discomfort (teeth, strong suck) or annoying tickleing issues with your older nurser (tandem or single)?
    For those that have had issues, what were they and did you overcome them or not.

    I posted before under "PLEASE HELP!! Extended Nursers my 3yr old DS is causing pain and discomfort"
    but no responses. Hoping a revised thread will help get any response. I need support!!

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    I posted a link to your question to my local group. Hopefully someone will come and post. I don't have any personal expereince with tandem or nursing past 2 and a few months but I know a number of people in my group do.
    Thinking of you, dedicated Mama!


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      You still have my empathy!

      I could have posted the same thing an hour ago. I was nursing my 3 year old to sleep and it hurt and she is so sweet, doing everything I ask - opening wider, stopping when I ask her to, learning how to go to sleep without nursing in the middle of the night and waiting til morning to nurse. And, despite all of her efforts to help me, it still hurts

      I love her so much, love nursing her so much, am so looking forward to nursing her and the new baby together in a few months...

      Why does it hurt?? Ugh...


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        Ever since I posted my situation here and on I have been doing much better. I make sure that my son opens wide and sticks his tongue out over his bottom teeth. I now let him nurse often on the other side which seems to confuse my body? Even though that breast seemed to have more symptoms? Strange but communicating about it and receiving some good advice seems to be helping me at this moment, although I still have moments were I just have to stop DS from nursing, we both seem to be happier.