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Hyperemesis and nursing?

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  • Hyperemesis and nursing?

    Hi everyone! I have a kind of random and long winded question. I have a beautiful daughter that is 12 months currently. I would like to let her wean when she is ready. My issue is this: I would like to have more children and I worry I would not be able to nurse during pregnancy due to REALLY bad morning sickness. I faced a choice of being hospitalized on a regular basis for dehydration or taking the medicine. The medicine helped tremendously as I was able to eat and drinks some. My question is: is it okay to take Zofran, phenegren, etc while nursing? I asked my pediatrician and she said "well if you are needing the medicine than your body probably wont be able to sustain and pregnancy and nursing." But I wonder if I wait long enough (until she is 2) would she maybe not mind so much? Could it come back when I am able to eat and drink again? Anyone with any experience like this? Either way, I will wait until she is atleast 2 before trying to conceive because I want to make sure she gets atleast two years and who knows she may wean before 2 on her own but I doubt it as she really loves her "neigh neighs" . Sorry if this question is confusing, and it is a little far off, but I want to do what is best for all members (and future members ) of my family.

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    I felt the same way about my daughter - I completely wanted to go for child-led weaning. However, when I got pregnant when she was 2.5 years old, that changed. It was very uncomfortable for me and we cut back quite significantly. Now that the baby is born, she has been nursing more, and, again, it isn't very comfortable for me, so I am encouraging her to cut back. That said, I don't think it's been a negative. We were able to really discuss our needs with each other because of her age and really work together to find solutions that worked for both of us (like my not setting any firm rules about nursing, but respecting her need, and her respecting my feelings and, for example, trying a different position or a different latch if I needed her to). Overall, it was a great experience to go through with her. We're still nursing some, but much less, and I think that we're working together on it beautifully. Mutual weaning - better than child-led weaning, in my opinion, because we both take each other's needs into account and really have an opportunity to work together as a team! Not to say child-led weaning isn't great, but other ways can be, too.

    As far as taking Phenergan or Zofran, I don't know. I took Zofran during my first pregnancy and have seen a study saying there is no problem with it, and I didn't have any problems. I doubt that something safe during pregnancy would be unsafe for breastfeeding, but that is always tough to know for sure. What about other alternatives like acupuncture, vitamin B6, ginger, etc? I've seen some good studies recently that suggest that really high dose ginger is extremely effective for both morning sickness and nausea induced by chemotherapy.


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      Thanks for the advice. So did your milk completely dry up or did your supply just decrease?
      In terms of trying other things, I did. I took the ginger pills and b 6 as soon as I found out I was pregnant as hyperemesis runs in my family. Around 6 weeks I would swallow the pills and they would come back up whole along with other things yuck! As for accupuncture, I tried to get treated but couldn't sit through an appointment. My hyperemesis was dibilitating! If I moved an inch from where I laid on the couch, I threw up. I am hoping this time to try some accupunture etc as soon as I find out I am pregnant so that I can actually get treated. I think I was too far gone when I went in. I am hoping to find relief some other way, but I want to be prepared in the case that I have to take the medicine. I also want to be fully present for my daughter and not stuck on the couch staring at a dot on the wall again, lol. I just don't want it to be a hard time that Mommy is not feeling well and not very playful and have nursing not work out either. I think that would be a pretty big change! I guess I will not know for sure what things will be like until I get pregnant, but I really want to keep nursing as long as works for us!


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        i had major HE w/my 1st. i vomited from the moment i got pregnant right up into the delivery room, i spent time in the hospital and ended up on zofran. i was determined to not have that exprience w/my 2nd. i found a chiropractor who does applied kinesiology and saw him as soon as i found out i was pregnant. i didn't throw up a single time! i had some days of feeling somewhat nauseous, but it wasn't debilitating.


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          Really Paxmamma? That is great news! I will definately look into a chiropractor that is local that specializes in that! You have given me some hope that there is another solution! I am so excited! Thank you, thank you!


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            Paxmamma, could you tell me the name of the chiro and the city so that I can contact him/her to see if they know of someone to recommend in my area? That would be great! How often did you go for treatment to maintain results? Thank you so much for your imput! I am really excited! Thanks again!


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              Originally posted by SandyandHaley View Post
              Thanks for the advice. So did your milk completely dry up or did your supply just decrease?
              I don't think my milk completely dried up, but it definitely decreased a ton. It was weird to feel a letdown again after baby was born. But when I asked DD if there was still milk there or if it was different, she always said there was no change. Go figure.

              It was hard as the pregnancy progressed and I couldn't carry DD - although I'm glad we worked through that before baby came, and aren't having to do it now. And when I was really tired and needing sleep. Definitely a challenge, but we made it through ok!

              Hope the chiropractor is helpful! I could barely walk for weeks during this pregnancy because of sciatic pain, and the chiropractor fixed it in one visit. It took a few to maintain it, but it was so worth it.


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                Originally posted by SandyandHaley View Post
                Paxmamma, could you tell me the name of the chiro and the city so that I can contact him/her to see if they know of someone to recommend in my area? That would be great! How often did you go for treatment to maintain results? Thank you so much for your imput! I am really excited! Thanks again!
                this website lists all the kinesiologists in the country:

                i don't remember exactly how often i went. i think it was like 2-3 times a week for the first several weeks, then i would just go in if i felt nauseous. i actually saw my chiro more than my midwife. i went to him for pregnancy headaches, sciatica, then for postpartum adjustments and sling damage to my shoulder.


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                  Thanks so much to both of you! I am really excited that there is hope! It is so great to have this forum for support of like minded mamas!


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                    I know this was originally posted a long time ago, but thought I might give you some additional support. I had hyperemesis with both my pregnancies. I continued nursing my 18 month old toddler through my second pregnancy. Both the doctor and pediatrician said the Zofran was fine to take during nursing; that I just needed to watch her stools since it can cause constipation. She never had any problems. I actually found nursing helped to alleviate the m/s and stopped taking Zofran after a few weeks. (I was still sick, just not nearly as bad as I had been the first time).

                    I was also extra careful to keep my fluids up in an attempt to maintain my milk (and not be hospitalized). I ate a lot of fruit and drank a lot of lemon tea as they were the only things I could keep down for most of the first and second trimester. I'm not sure if I dried up as I was never able to effectively pump with my daughter. Towards the end of the first trimester, my daughter called it dry milk for a few weeks, but she continued to nurse regularly and I know that I had milk again by the second trimester as I had engorgement issues when we increased my daughter's hours in daycare.

                    I continued to nurse my daughter through the entire pregnancy and have been tandem nursing ever since (they are now 2.5 years and 7 months). I am so glad we continued to nurse through my pregnancy; it has been wonderful to watch them nursing together.

                    I do, however, know some women who were not able to continue nursing through pregnancy because of physical discomforts, drying up, or taste differences their children did not like. But it IS possible!