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Dr worried about failure to thrive

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  • Dr worried about failure to thrive

    The last four months have been a nightmare.

    At 10 days old I discovered my daughter and I were both allergic to soy. No real issues there since I had been down this road with my older daughter, but with milk and eggs.

    At 6 weeks she was ill with RSV, hospitalized, and given abx. Since then it's been a long road of green stols, mucus, and blood. Weight gain slowed dramatically during this time but she's still gaining. S-L-O-W-L-Y. I've eliminated milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish/shellfish, peanuts/treenuts, and rice b/c she reacts to most of them. I eat a whole foods diet and am nursing exclusively. We can't supplement with formula due to the soy allergy and, regardless of the breakdown of the proteins in the "special" formulas even her pediatric GI doctor says to breastfeed.

    At her 6 month appt I was already prepared for the FTT discussion but it still hurt, like I was being told I was harming my child.

    I'm taking galactagogues already but the baby has been really fussy the last couple days. It could be teething but the FTT comment (ofcourse) has me worried. I've JUST gotten the baby to the point that her stools are yellow-brown and curdy again. So why am I such a mess? I'm doing the right thing, right?

    Her height and head circumference are right on for where they've been, she's just not gaining weight at that same rate....

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    So sorry you're going through so much!

    It sounds more like it is her digestive tract that is keeping her from gaining weight than your milk, from what I read. It's great that you've been able to nurse her -- imagine if she'd had to be on formula!

    I just wondered if you've given her probiotics? Since she was hospitalized and received antibiotics. Biogaia is one company that sells infant drops. I'm sure there are others available, too.

    Also, not sure what resources you've looked into about food allergies, but I really like the cookbook Whole Life Nutrition - it has great info on food allergies and elimination diets, etc.

    Do you live in an area that has naturopathic physicians? They are often very good at healing the gut.

    Hope some of this helps!


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      It sounds like you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing. I think it's great that the GI doc is supporting and encouraging your breastfeeding, as that really is the absolute best thing for your baby. Especially with everything else going on. It sounds like things are improving, finally getting stools back on track and hopefully her weight gain will follow. FTT has got to be the hardest thing to hear from the doctors, I hope they are also giving you a lot of encouragment! With infants it's so hard because you have so much to figure out in such a small amount of time. But it sounds like you've been doing your best and done great at identifying the allergies and sensitivities and eliminating them, and now it's time for you to get a boost of your doing great! Keep it up!