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  • High Chair problems

    Hi, I'm new to these forums and to attachement parenting. I have a 13 month old daughter, who has very bad separation anxiety right now. She has decided that she no longer wants to eat in her high chair. I moved her to a booster chair because I'd read that separation anxiety can cause toddler to dislike being separated from the table by the tray. That has helped a lot, but there are times when she will still not eat unless I hold her. I hate holding her while she eats because she is messy and smears it all over me . How would you handle this?

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    This exact issue was the cause of my daughters first all out blow out tantrum. She wanted to sit in my lap and eat but she was taking her food and painting me with it so I told her no, and put her on the floor. I told her she could sit in the chair next to me, but not on my lap because the food was getting all over me. She had a complete and major meltdown. She screamed for an hour wouldn't let me touch her console her nothing I did or said would calm her down. I remembered reading in one of my AP books about the need for children to reach the level of futility. Where they realize that their request is not going to happen. I stayed with her and spoke reassuringly and told her I was ready when she was. I never left her and I never forced myself on her. When she was done with her major meltdown she decided she wasn't hungry anymore. Wanted to snuggle and now when I say no she can't sit on my lap she will accept the chair next to me, as long as it's touching my chair. Good Luck.


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      I got this great high chair that latches directly to the table ted and something brand? Anyways, it seems to help because traditional high chairs separated her from the rest of us and she does better. Usually if my daughter refuses the high chair, it is because her mouth is hurting and she really doesn't want solids. Those days she just nurses more.


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        I think I would respect her dislike of the high chair but look for another solution that worked for me (I don't like getting food - especialy sticky stuff - on me either).

        Have you tried putting a towel down on the floor and sitting there with her?

        Or maybe this is an example of one of the millions of ways our kids help us release our boundaries (like not wanting to get messy, even if it is fun! Definitely a lesson I need.)