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Nursing through twin pregnancy - any experience?

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  • Nursing through twin pregnancy - any experience?

    Hi ladies, I am 9 weeks pregnant with non-identical twins and have a DD of 12 months. This pregnancy wasnt very much planned but we are excited and ready to roll with it. One of the things I am worried about is continuing to nurse my DD throughout the pregnancy since Gynae suggested that I think about weaning since according to him, the oxytocin release from BF may play a role in causing premature contractions and that is always a risk with twins since you want them to stay put for at least 36 weeks.

    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of situation? Any comments or suggestions for resources will be appreciated.


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    I would contact your local LLL leader, but from everything I've ever heard that is not the case, the contractions that can be brought on by nursing are not strong enough to start labor and are no different from the contractions your body naturally starts to have during a healthy normal pregnancy. Good Luck, I ended up ditching my OB after she informed me that I was nursing for my sake, because there was nothing in it for my daughter after a year. Just a strong reminder that OB's are often misinformed especially when it comes to nursing.


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      I nursed my older daughter throughout my pregnancy with twins. I don't know what experts say,, but it worked ok for us.