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Distracted Eater - 7.5 mo

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  • Distracted Eater - 7.5 mo

    My 7.5mo will get distracted by ANYTHING while eating regardless of where we are. When we nurse at home, even if I have taken him to a quiet room, with the door closed, something like a neighbors dog will bark and he will unlatch and try to sit up to see. It is not as big of a deal at home (although sometimes painful) but out of the house it is very different. I don't like using a nursing cover and besides he is at the age where he will yank it right off anyway. I just have a hard time being discreet and not flashing everyone when is unlatches and tries to sit every 30 secs. I have even tried waiting a little longer to nurse to make sure he is really wanting to eat and not just comfort nurse but it makes no difference.

    Anyone have any suggestions/tips on how I can NIP with such a distracted eater?

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    My 6-month-old is similar. I just keep one hand ready to cover my exposed breast and wear nursing tops that allow me to nurse with more "coverage".


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      Yeah... I try to layer my tops to help with that but I can't really keep a free hand because he is a stunt man and the about size of a 10 month old. I am able to cover myself back up relatively quickly but he squirms so much when he is trying to look around and go see what distracted him that I have to make sure he doesn't just dive off my lap. I try to hide behind his head while I cover back up. After a couple of seconds he is ready to eat again and goes back to try and eat and I have just managed to cover back up completely LOL. Then he is frustrated like "where did my food go lady?" and gets fussy.

      I wish there was a way to keep him occupied/focused while eating. Does anyone use those teething necklaces? Maybe that or something like it could give him something to occupy himself with.


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        I have a nursing necklace that he loves, but it doesn't keep him nursing. But he will grab it instead of my hair!

        I remember talking to my daughter so much about modesty and how I wanted her to help keep me covered up when she was done nursing! I know she finally got it somewhere in there, but not this young of course


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          Hi, sorry no advice, just empathy! It feels like I am "tits-out" half of the time; we currently nurse while I am on my side and my son (8 months) sits while drinking (and I use the term loosely, as it means he has a few suckles, then smiles, tries to crawl over me, laughs at me and then latches on again)
          I am so enjoying him at this age though, he is so silly and cute, that I just laugh it off
          But I try to not nurse in public anymore unless he is in his ergobaby, as I am not keen on flashing everyone!


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            I remember my daughter and I going through something similar. In regards to NIP, I would find nooks where I could nurse comfortably. As I knew that not only was the on/off (literately) nursing challenging me and my patience and comfort level in public, that *she* was getting distracted while eating. Limiting those distractions, when possible, became my goal. So finding quite places where she could eat in peace helped solve the challenge. I wish you luck. Nursing a curious one is certainly an adventure.

            I also wanted to say that when I was at home with my daughter, I would help her by lying down to nurse her. It seemed she was more comfortable and less distracted when we were lying down with each other.



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              Having same issue with 6m old. I've tried singing to her with an animated face so that I'm far more interesting than anything around her and because it's sound and visual stimulation it helps block other sounds and visuals. Also have invested in a nursing necklace to occupy her touch sense. I have to admit though that I avoid nursing in public now and prefer a pitch black room lying down !!