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Breastfeeding and solids

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  • Breastfeeding and solids

    My daughter is almost 11months old and we are breastfeeding and co-sleeping.
    I am a bit concerned that she isn't eating enough solids. We do a mixture of baby-led weaning and spoon feeding. She has always been a bit on the little side (she was 4weeks early) but she is dropping down to ~25%.
    At the moment she is getting up several times during the night for snacks but then not touching solid breakfast until between 10-12. She often eats well under less than half a cup of solids (I've tried sweet and savoury), sometimes just a couple of spoons. I bfeed her before her afternoon nap around 2 and then try to give her solids for dinner. Sometimes she will eat a cup but not often, more often around half a cup.
    I have more than enough milk, am pumping and freezing what she doesn't drink.

    Any ideas?
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    What you describe sounds very similar to what my daughter, now a healthy almost 4 year old, did.

    I have found it really interesting to observe my fears and those of others as we have been watching DD self-regulate since she was a baby. Worries about under-eating seem so common, but, really, I think it would be pretty crazy for a child to be starving themselves when there is such an abundance of food around (barring some medical disorder, of course).

    I still have food-related fears, but I just observe them and continue to do what I feel is my true role - ensuring that healthy choices are readily available for her to make.