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Demand Feeding a Newborn: Poo's, Milking Cow and Overfeeding!?

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  • Demand Feeding a Newborn: Poo's, Milking Cow and Overfeeding!?

    Hi All,

    I'm brand new here! I have a gorgeous 3 and a half week old baby girl and I am deeply in love with her! From day one she fed and slept like a dream.

    We are Co-sleeping and demand feeding.

    I noticed a pattern starting to emerge that she cluster feeds upon waking in the morning - around 3 feeds in close succession and then sleeps for about 3hours with a short feed, then sleeps another 3 hours with a short feed then sleeps about 2 hours and then the cluster feeding begins from about 4:30 - 9:30pm she pretty much sits on my boob!! But then we sleep pretty much through the night! (maybe one or 2 feeds).

    However - most days this week she has just wanted to sit on my boob ALL DAY... I mean I don't even have 10 min off between 9am and 9pm. I'm not sure what to do, its driving me crazy! The house is trashed, I'm not even sure if I go to the toilet anymore (I don't think I have time!). And she seems to only settle when I feed her in a ring-sling and walk around the house.

    Is this a phase? A growth spurt? Or have I somehow taught her bad habits!?

    Love your advice!

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    good job!

    good job mama! I know from experience that this is an exhausting time, way to stick with it. You can look up online the average age of growth spurts-this always helped me b/c I could get ready for the next one. A big time for upping your milk supply is right around 4 weeks, so looks like your LO is right on track. It should only last 4 days or so and then she'll settle back down into a routine. It's hard to teach bad habits at such a young age and for me, I just let my DD take the lead and tell me when and how much milk she needed from me.


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      It sounds like a growth spurt to me or just a hungry girl to me! I HAD to adjust to feeding in a sling because my house was trashed too. My daughter seemed to nurse all. day. long. for. weeks. I know there were days that when she was going through a growth spurt that I had to move from my rocker to the couch to the floor all day because I was so sore from sitting in the same position all day while she nursed. It seemed ridiculous and a little frustrating (and yes, everyone told me I was spoiling her) but she was small and I wanted to be available to her whenever she needed me. It gets better...those first months/weeks seemed to last forever and yet fly by at the same time. After you really get going you'll fall into a routine.

      My daughter turned out to be a sucker. She "discovered" her thumb at 3 months and then slowed down on how much she nursed because she was really just interested in sucking. I switched her from her thumb to a paci at 4 months and still wore her most of the day and we were able to get a lot more done without her feeling left out of the loop. She outgrew the paci at 7 months and nursing was enough sucking for her again. I will say many times I believed I was a human paci through our years of nursing, but it was never as extreme as it was in those early weeks, and I prefered for her to turn to me for comfort than some rubber nipple. Maybe it's something for you to look into in the months ahead. Not my usual advice, but if your daughter is nursing without really swallowing anything and is truly just hanging out while your life crumbles around you....


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        I don't think you've taught her bad habits at all!
        If she is growing and doing poops and pees, she's doing just fine
        But it must be exhausting when she wants to feed all the time
        Try a pacifier; I was mortified at the mere thought of it, but since we started it, it has really helped a lot; it did not alter my son's nipple attachment or his need for cuddles
        He is now 9 months old and we still use it, but, believe me, he lets me know when it is me he wants!
        Good luck