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Breastfeeding and Dental Cavities

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  • Breastfeeding and Dental Cavities

    My 17 months old son has developed cavities on his front teeth and I have taken him to 2 pediatric dentists who were both trying to convince me that this is caused by breastfeeding at night. I have a hard time believing this and was wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience and if you have found any natural ways to combat cavities without stopping breastfeeding.
    Does anybody know of any AP-friendly dentists in Houston area or anywhere in TX? (These non-AP-friendly dentists both are wanting to put crowns on my baby's front teeth, which I have never heard of? )
    Help! Anybody out there has any suggestions?

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    I realize this post was written two years ago, but I am in a similar situation. My 14 month old just had her first dental check-up and we were told the enamel on the back of her front 4 teeth is thinning. The dentist attributed this to night nursing. She suggested I wipe the teeth with a wet cloth after every feeding. This, of course, would defeat the purpose of night nursing - putting my daughter back to sleep! The research I've come across downplays the role of breast milk in the formation of cavities, but I am feeling guilty that I may be playing a role in the decline of my daughter's teeth! She eats healthy, unprocessed food, she drinks water with her food, she doesn't use a bottle, and we brush and floss regularly, so I am tempted to think feeding during naps and at night might be the culprit. Any thought?


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      I'm hoping this reply will still be helpful for you! I night nursed both of my children until age three. The older one has had cavities and the younger hasn't. Our older child ate lots more dried fruit and we've changed our eating habits, so our youngest doesn't. With our older we used xylitol tooth gel and with our youngest we just use water! Both now regularly take Fermented cod liver oil and butter oil, which are supposed to help with strong teeth. It could be a teeth issue, such as deep grooves, it could be diet, such a sticky foods, but in my experience I don't think it is breastmilk causing the issue.

      There is an interesting book called Cure Tooth DecY, by Ramiel Nagel. I know several people who have used the methods and been successful in reversing issues for their children.

      Wishing you both the best with this!