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Almost 3 and going strong . . . Uncharted territory

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  • Almost 3 and going strong . . . Uncharted territory

    Okay, so the title of this is slightly misleading. I am a first time mom, so everything is uncharted.

    But I feel especially unsure of this, so I wanted to just see who else is out there that might offer some perspective and experience.

    My magical angel will be 3 in two weeks. We have nursed on demand since the beginning, and here we are almost three years later, still nursing during the day and through the night--some nights more than others--and co-sleeping. I love that she still sleeps with us, and I wonder how that will play out as she gets older. I don't have a clue. I tell people I will follow her lead, but truth is, I will be flying blind. I am committed--as is my husband--to seeing it through, to doing things on her timetable.

    That includes the nursing too. A month or so ago, she was beginning to sleep for 8-9 hours ate a time and only nursing toward the morning hours. Then it shifted back to 3-4 times a night, almost as much as when she was a newborn. I'm not "worried" per se, but more wondering who out there has nursed this long and can share some experiences about older toddlers nursing. I have always envisioned myself letting weaning happen naturally and have lived by the mantra, "she will tell us when she's ready." and I guess lately I have inwardly seemed to adopt more of the doubt of some of the surrounding people in my life who have wondered aloud whether she will slow down nursing on her own if I don't force her or whether she will choose to sleep on her own without us pushing her. I know, I know, no one is nursing at 17 and almost everyone is sleeping on their own at that point . . . It isn't a fear that this will happen.

    In fact, I am not ready for either aspect to end, although I would certainly not let that stand in the way of her moving past it if it were time.

    I guess I am just lacking a network of people who are doing this/have done this/support doing this. I would love to hear from others who are living this life.

    It is a lonely one at times, this gentle, committed parenting path. Not popular at all. And I am living it and continuing to do what we are committed to doing with her. Just sometimes it would be nice to hear someone say,"oh yeah, I remember when she was still nursing at 3 1/2 and . . . . " These are just not conversations that exist in my sphere right now. So, I am flying solidly and happily, but I am, nonetheless, flying blind.

    So, any mamas want to share experiences just for the sake of sharing or offer some words or wisdom? I sure could use some connecting. . .

    Thanks for reading and sharing space for a moment. Apologies for any ridiculous typos. It is late, and I am still learning to type on this darn iPad!

    Blessings to all . . .