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2yo - should I restrict her (cows) milk intake?

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  • 2yo - should I restrict her (cows) milk intake?

    My 2y 3mo daughter loves her milk. We had issues breastfeeding (lack of lactation support/attachment issues) so after a month of two DD was bottle fed
    She loved her milk was only recently have we transitioned to a sippy cup from the bottle.
    I think she drinks too much milk (at the expense of food), she is not a big girl, but not underweight either, just healthy.
    My mum thinks, shes not fat, let her have the milk.
    If I were breastfeeding I would not have an issue with how much she nursed.
    I am also concerned with her drinking so my cows milk as we are not cows, it is not designed for us, however I have tried every other milk I can find and she won;t drink it (I have soy milk myself).

    She I stop worrying about the milk?
    I have watered it down in the past and she does not mind. she usually doesn't mind if I put less in the cup either.
    I think it is comforting for her.

    Thanks for any advice

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    This really sounds like an issue to discuss with your pediatrician. What does he/she recommend?


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      Hi Pax
      I have not been to the doctor.
      However knowing what the recommendations are for milk intake I would be guessing he may suggest I do not give her so much milk, which would be very distressing for her. If I were still breastfeeding I would probably be told to stop doing that too.
      I was hoping for some support/guidance from like minded individuals?