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    I will be returning to work and had a few questions about weaning. My son is only 9 months old so I don't plan on any kind of weaning until he is at least 12 months. However, I do not plan on pumping when I return to work and he is quite the nurser (day and night) that I don't think I will be able to fully wean him before I return (which is just fine by me). Just wondering how to go about weaning him during the day and letting him nurse only when I'm home (morning, evening and at night - hopefully not but I'm realistic!) I return to work 2 weeks after he turns one so when should I start the process and what steps should I take? Know of any good books I could buy to help me with this?
    Any assistance would be appreciated!

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    I just wondered if one reason for your son to be "a nurser" is the fact that he isn't not being weaned off... Some babies are really ready to move on to solids before 12 months. So when you start introducing solids you might discover that his hunger for milk reduces quicker then you might think...
    In the UK -where I am from - they would recommend to start with baby rice and then gradually introduce other foods one spoon at a time. In my case that didn't work - my son wanted to EAT, he loved the food and doing it a spoon at a time just frustrated him. So we moved through the first stage of weaning very quickly:-)