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weaning for medical reasons

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  • weaning for medical reasons

    It took my husband and I several years, two miscarriages (one at five months) and IVF to have our daughter. Because of our age and our desire to have more biological children, we feel an urgency to start fertility treatments soon after she turns one. In order to do that, we unfortunately need to wean her. We feel so sad and guilty about this because she just loves to nurse, but we know that we aren't able to conceive without fertility drugs. Any ideas for how we can wean her lovingly and gently? We are also concerned about how this will affect her sleep. She's still waking 1-5 times/night and we can't get her down to sleep without nursing her (bottles work if I'm not home). I'm terrified of having to put her to bed without nursing her. I wish that I could nurse her indefinitely, but again, we do want more children. Thanks in advance for your input!

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    i love this blog... i've been reading it a lot lately.

    good luck. i hope all goes well