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  • What's for lunch?

    So the what's for dinner thread has given me so many good ideas, I was hoping you wonderful mamas would share what you do for lunches. I feel like we could use more variety, so what fun and healthy lunches do your toddlers love?

    Ds loves quesadillas, and he likes soup, and of course dinner leftovers are always good, but we don't always have enough once dh packs his lunch.

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    i always make enough for two meals for everyone, so lunch is always leftovers, sometimes supplemented by fresh fuit, veggies, or PBJ if leftovers are undesirable. i just figure, if i'm going to spend the time cooking, i may as well get some mileage out of it.


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      well, i try to vary things for him, but today he's eating organic squiggly pasta with parm. cheese and watermelon chunks..

      i try to give him a fruit/veggie every day with lunch, and he often has it with rice, pasta, tofu, or some other "filling" kind of food..

      what we don't eat: fried foods like chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, fish sticks.. anything like that. HTH!


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        We often have leftovers, but I try to also keep healthy foods on hand that can make a quick meal - like smoked salmon, cheese, frozen peas, fresh fruits and vegetables (she looks so cute when she takes a bite from an apple!), etc.