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  • DS likes swing

    My ds does not like babywearing so much.... he is 3 months old and I have tried the ring sling, Moby wrap, regular sling, and the front carrier. We have worked on all of them a little since birth, but are working even harder these last couple days. But he really doesn't like it, different positions and all, and cries, I try to comfort and make it good and then he just sleeps in it. I've tried all the positions, I talk to him, sing to him, etc.

    He doesn't really like to just be held, either.

    However, he LOVES his swing. He cries for it. When he gets in there, he is happy, smiles, laughs, talks, etc. I am trying to cut back on the amount of time he spends in there. He will make eye contact and talk to us if he is in there. When he is in the swing, he even lets us leave the room. If we put him down anywhere else he doesn't want us to leave, though he is starting to exhibit this same independent behavior in his car seat.

    He is only 3 months, so I am thinking a little young to be wanting independence, plus he has pretty much always been this way.

    We breastfeed, bed share, all the other good stuff.....

    Are we not developing a secure attachment? What should I be doing?


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    Do you have an API Support Group in your area?
    Maybe you could get some baby wearing tips there that are more visual as to holds and types. You sound like you have tried quite a few, but for me I am a visual learner and whne I see it I am better able to grasp it

    Every child is different and as long as your baby is happy and you are attentive while he is in the swing, you are fine.

    Attachment is not ALL about breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

    It is about creating a relationship with your child of trust and security while responding sensitivley to your child's needs. As long as you are doing that, then you are doing what you need to be doing

    Introduction to the Principles


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      following your baby's cures is definitely the core of AP. i was hell-bent on cosleeping w/ds2, but he HATED it. it took me 8 mos to realize he really did just want his own space. but i ignored his cues b/c I, I, I wanted it so badly. like traci said, AP does not equal babywearing. it is RELATIONSHIP.