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  • Baby a bit big for wearing

    Hi everyone, just wondering if someone´s been through the same situation as I need some advice. I have a 9 weeks old little boy and he does pretty well sleeping and feeding at night, half the time in his bassinet and the other half in bed with us. It is during the day that we have difficulties getting him to sleep. We started by carrying him in a sling and rocking him but now he doesnt seem to like it, and he´s also pretty big (was 10lb 6oz when he was born) so it´s a bit of a struggle to cope with nap times. We´ve tried rocking him in the pushchair and he´s ok sometimes but not always, and besides I do not want to over use it either.
    Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

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    My babies were huge too! They were average when they were born, just a hair over seven pounds, but they were both 20 lbs at 3 months!

    A sling was difficult to use, just because all that weight was on that one shoulder, and that would get VERY uncomfortable very quickly! What saved me was a mei tai. It's a front carrier that uses both shoulders and the waist to support the weight. It can also be worn on the back, but I personally didn't like that b/c I couldn't sit in a chair with a back!) The mei tai was much more comfortable for long-term babywearing! (Though I still used a sling for "quick and dirty" baby wearing, like into the post office, or the store, library, etc.)



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      I agree with Sarah, as my babies have reached 20 by 6mo. I would also maybe try an Ergo or Becco for long term wear. For us the earliest I could get them on the back the better!---more often at 5mo maybe depending on your own skill and babies head control. If I could sit in a chair, I wanted to take them off! So Back is good to me, especially when they start wanting to grab everything!


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        i've always just laid down w/my babies and either nursed them or rubbed their backs. they eventually go to sleep that way for me, then i can either nap w/them or get up and do something.


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          I too, laid down with my first 2 babies, until I had my last 2 babies, then I needed a carrier that could enable me to meet the needs of my older children AND allow my babe to sleep. I love the mei tai's or soft buckle carriers (like Becco, Ergo, Calyx) but my woven wrap was great for a bog baby that is also young. I too have 20 lb babes around 4-6 months. I started with back carries around 2 months with my wrap and used my mei tai or soft buckle carrier for shorter times in the carrier. My body moving helped my baby top stay asleep.