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    my two month old love baby wearing, we're using a star sling but it limits how much work i can do. eg., gardening is out of the question . does anybody know oa an apperatus i can use to do more demanding activities?? there's only one problem. i have a shoulder injury to my rt side. so i can not have a lot of compression to my rt side. the weight needs to be distributed else where. thanks for any ideas!

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    In my opinion, slings can aggravate shoulder injuries, I opt for a more "spread the baby weight evenly carrier."

    Some that come to mind:
    * wraps - if your new at using a wrap, having one with a bit of stretch is helpful, otherwise the woven wraps (Gypsy Mama, EllaRoo, Storchenweige, etc) are best for support
    * mei tais are great, easy and can be worn in front and back (BabyHawk, Kindercarry, AngelPack, etc)
    * soft structure carrier- like a mei tai but with buckles. My favorite is my Mama By Design, I also have a Beco.

    You could try out or The Babywearer for more specifics of carriers, pictures and how-to's.

    Happy babywearing


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      I use a Mei Tai (BabyHawk) for longer wearing periods where she won't be in and out frequently. It can be a lil more comfy than a sling.