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Baby wearing in the summer

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  • Baby wearing in the summer

    I love baby wearing my first child who's a little over 2 months now. However I'm noticing a new challenge, and I'm looking for suggestions from other babywearer's. The wonderful summer months are coming up and that swealtering heat that comes with it.My public health nurse has informed me that an overly warm infant increases the risk of sids and I'm already noticing her becoming overly warm against me and we haven't even made it past 25 degrees yet. We have recently rented a new house with no a/c and the window's are to small to install a temporary a/c. I'm looking for suggestions on how i can continue to baby wear in the summer months without raising her risks or making her unbearable uncomfortable agianst me and how to keep her safely cool (besides having a naked baby ). Any suggestions? How do you guys keep your babies nice and comfy while sleeping with you or wearing them?

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    Zolo makes a couple of ring slings that are a fabric mesh and more breathable,
    I had a similar situation with my daughter last summer, I ended up just having her in her diaper at night. If it was a really hot and miserable night I kept a spray bottle with water in it next to the night stand and I would spritz us and that little bit of evaporation really helped. hope this helps



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      i used guaze wraps, babies in only a diaper, and the occasional misting with water and fanning with some cardboard or something.
      so cute i can remember the 'eee nice cold' sound a sleeping baby would make on my back... aww

      oh having a layer of cotton between your skin and her skin might help too. i dont know why but it seems to...