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When to discourage?

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  • When to discourage?

    my dd is 3mths old and a week or so and she's starting a new habit and i'm not sure whether to discourage her to do this and how to healthely do it. When i'm trying to get her to go "night night". We laydown facing eachother (once she's asleep i roll her to her back but she will not go to sleep that way). She's recently discovered her hands and loves to run them all over my face and chest. Which was great until she clued in she can do other stuff with her hands, like pull on my lips and put her finger up my nose (i'm certain it's accidental). But it's becoming annoying and slightly painful. She can really squeeze my lips and cheeks now! But i don't want to discourage her from exploring. it's an important part of development. What do i do!? any suggestions??

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    I let my son do a little until it bothers me. It is your face and body and it is also important to let her know that you have limits to your comfort. I move my sons hands away and say "gentle that hurts me".


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      i agree, your needs are important, too, and it's never too early to introduce this concept to baby. if she has a need to explore w/her hands, you can offer something else: a nursing necklace, small, soft toy, etc.


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        Whoo hoo the little toy worked like a charm!


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          awesome! just another example of how EVERYONE should and can have their needs met