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he won't let me put him down!

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  • he won't let me put him down!

    i hold my baby all the time (or carry him) and i'd like to put him down in front of me to do yoga.... but he hates it! what should i do?

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    How old is he or she.. What position are you putting him in.. Propped up, facing you, etc....


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      He's 17 days today and i lie him on his back on a cushy blanket thats folded for extra padding. All i want to do is stretch for a few minutes, but he usually cries immediately. This is the only time throughout the day that i attempt to put him down for anything other than sleep, changing clothes or a diaper change.


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        Sometime little babies like that can feel like they are falling when laid down flat....or almost flat.
        Try a swaddle first,
        or get a bouncy chair to put him in so he can see you while you stretch and/or get that soothing bouncing movement..... Keep trying!


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          do you wear him in a carrier? This helped me immensely when my kids complained about being put down. I have seen in the Moby Wrap book, they have some yoga/exercises that you can do while wearing the baby in the wrap.

          They are at the bottom of the link, the Moby Exercises:

          It is a pretty secure wrap for a newborn, I am not familiar with yoga but seems you could probably do a little something with your baby in some sort of a carrier!! good luck,it is amazing how the little ones really let it be known when they get mad!!


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            Try swaddling very snug, rock your little one to sleep (or walk and bounce him some) and once he is asleep, lay him in the bouncy seat w/ the vibration on. I tell you, this was the ONLY way for me to have a few minutes (anywhere from 5 to 30 min) for me to spend with my daughter who was 23months old at the time of my DS's birth.

            Good luck!


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              My daughter is the same way. I do my house work with her in the sling or moby wrap. She is sleeping through the night now so most day sleep is cat naps. Just remember, before you know it she will be running off to play on her own and not always want to be held, and yuo'll miss it! That's what helps me!


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                So i put him in his seat and put it on vibrate in front of my mat - i got my yoga time!!! thanks guys