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  • Pinching

    My lo is 2 weeks away from turning 6 months old. She has her raking grasp down to a pat. She is grabbing everything in her site. Hair, lips, eye lids, and neck fat It was cute at first but as she's getting stronger she is starting to hurt people. I've started say ouch, be nice. No no no, let go. In a nice voice, but repeaditly. I'm unsure of what to do. I know the raking grasp is important to her development but I don't want her hurting other individuals. She is an increadible sensitive baby and very high needs. Should I wait until she's older to start discouraging her from this behaviour? Will she grow out of this stage? I would greatly appriciate any suggestions you experienced mama's out there
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    this sounds very normal and all part of learning about the world. yes, she'll outgrow this soon. when she does something that hurts and gentle, "ouch, hurts mommy." and then quickly redirect her to something else to grab--your hand, fingers, a small toy, etc. Most folks will understand that babies are "grabbers" and it's a normal part of development. I kept my hair tied back and watch for hands moving toward my glasses. Good luck!


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      you're right, she's not intentionally trying to hurt anyone, she doesn't understand that yet. i think having a grabbing toy on hand as much as possible is a good idea. when she grabs you, gently say "that hurts" and offer her the toy. she's also probably discoverin different textures and shapes. try to give her plenty of time w/ varying objects to explore.


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        When mine used to grab my hair I'd take their hands off and say "no no.. that hurts"... it seemed to work for me.


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          That type of grabbing is very important to an infant's neurological development. They are learning dexterity and developing motor skills. My son loved to pull the hair on my arms (still does) and I would let him until it began to hurt, then I would re-direct with a toy with texture. I chose nnot to use 'no' for this one because it is only a phase they go through (read some of DR. Sears' writings on saying 'no')By letting them do it they will develop the ability to grab individual hairs which is a great sign. I realize that when she is grabbing your hair and skin it hurts, they do learn to soften their grasp. Oh, and keep her nails cut, otherwise you'll have cuts everywhere she grabs


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            I agree w/ the PP. The other thing I might suggest is a nursing necklace. It is great for them to grab ahold, regardless of if you are nursing or not!

            My son loves mine