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  • Contribute to an article on holding babies

    I got an email with a request for parents of infants to weigh in on holding their babies, so I thought I'd share in case anyone wants to weigh in (Note that Lysa has already made an official API response to this but he wants individual parents too):

    Name: Keath Low
    Email: <>
    Title: contributing writer
    Media Outlet/Publication: <> /
    Disney Family Internet
    Deadline: 8:00 AM EASTERN - October 13
    ""To Have and To Hold, and Hold, and Hold..."
    There are some new moms that just can't put their newborn down. Is holding a newborn all the time a good idea? What are the pros and cons? Can it lead to a "spoiled baby"? Can it lead to sleeping problems?

    Need quotes/tips from both seasoned moms and experts. Would also
    love to hear from moms who loved to hold and hold and hold their
    > Please email me at <>

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    Ugg, That is such a tedious idea.

    I bet the adults in his family never hug each other either?

    Its such a sad way to live life. I bet his perspective is, you cannot sleep train a child if you want to just hold it all the time.