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  • Sometimes I feel guilty

    For the first few weeks of my baby's life she was in her buggy. Then I discovered baby carrying. Now she is 6 months and getting heavy I can only carry her in short distances so she is out in the buggy for lengths of time. This is front facing unfortunately. We always stop in our village to meet people we know for a chat. However, I do now and then miss carrying her and feel some loss or regret. She is quite a confident little thing now. Shoudl I still be carrying her and for how long when we are out? If so can someone recommend a good sling for her- one which lets her look out but also at me so that I can help her understand the world? I have a baby bjorn which will last until december and also a karime but this needs lots of wrapping. I am quite strong but a petite frame.

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    I love that feeling of holding my little one close, so I can understand your feeling of loss at not getting to spend that same amount of time w/ her.

    I'd recommend a Mei Tai baby carrier. Babyhawk and Kozy Carrier are two name brand Mei Tai's that have excellent reputations (and resale value). Google either of them (or both!) and you'll see that it is easy to use and allows your baby's weight to be distributed very well across your back and hips. SOOO much better than a Bjorn. Baby does face you, but she can look out easily in almost any direction and baby "sits" more ergonomically so that she is comfortable for longer periods. You can do a front, back or hip carry w/ this style of carrier.

    Feel free to PM me if you have more questions!


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      I recommend an SSC e.g. an ergo/close2me...different ones suits different babies and mamas. I used the Kari me initially, then moved to a ring sling and then went onto an SSC (ergo). DS can be carried front or back. Back carries enable baby to see more. Could you go to a local sling meet or borrow from a sling library? I find it's best to borrow first as it's such a personal choice.



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        Oh there is a new hip carrier called the scootababy which is an SSC (has buckles instead of ties) so very easy to use and baby has a great view.


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          I know how you feel. Whe DS was about 3 months old we really started using the Jeep carrier we had gotten but he quickly became too heavy. I also have quite a small frame and ended up getting a meitai off ebay. Now at 20 months and 32lbs I carry him all over the place still. Yes I get odd looks for carrying a toddler but he is so much more easy going when he is in the sling rather than the shopping cart. Also one thing besides the closeness is if we need to go out during nap time I can just put him in that and he will take a nap on his own with no crying or anything.


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            I would recommend a woven wrap - you can do so many carries with it. I still carry my 5 month old everyday - even if it's just to do housework. He's 18 lbs now. Check out - they have amazing forums and lots of experienced wrappers to help you decide which would be best for you. They also have lots of pics to see how you might like to carry her and pics of all the different carriers/slings/pouches ect.

            I've also heard the Mei Tei's are great too and very easy to use.