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Unhappy ad ---discouraging baby carrying -go make comments!

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  • Unhappy ad ---discouraging baby carrying -go make comments!

    Please remind this company here that properly wearing the right baby carrier does not give you pain.

    This kind of commercial will discourage some people to even try it.
    We don't want strangers in the street offering us Motrin when we are using a baby carrier! We want mothers offering to share their baby-carriers with others!
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    For those on Facebook,there is a group started less than a day ago and already almost 400 members!!

    'Babywearing isn't painful. Boycott Motrin for saying it is' is the name of the group.

    If you would like to contact their ad director personally, or one of the higher ups, here is the info for that!!

    Ashley McEvoy, President
    McNeil PPC
    7050 Camp Hill Rd.
    Fort Washington, PA 19034-2210 or

    It really is sad, and making a complete mockery of BWing and AP IMO!!

    TONS AND TONS of people have written to complain in the last few days, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Ashley checks her email/voicemail bright and early Monday morning!


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      You go Heather!


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        It looks like they took their site down.

        Here is the ad for those who did not see it.


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          WOAH, hopefully it was because of the comments! We made a difference!


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            Rumor has it that they did take down the site due to an ovewhelming amount of angry babywearin mamas who were not ok with the ad (to say the least...) I have seen what are said to be "responses" from the VP of marketing, but I am not sure they are real, so I will wait until I actually see something on their website. I hope they apologize! Im very happy that it looks like they took swift action. It should have never been in the first place, but at least they actually DID something...


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              I saw the you tube video this morning and really disagreed with it. It was untasteful and poorly done. Our carrier has never hurt me. Yes I was tired after walking around for 4+ hours with a 20+ lbs baby but I think I would be just as tired if I had the stroller. If a carrier is worn right it won't hurt at all and that's what they failed to see.

              I sent her an email too telling her my thoughts on the matter. Maybe next time they will actually think about the advertising before posting something like that again.


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                Somebody on FB mentioned that the real harm to your back is carrying those baby bucket car seats around town all day!
                I totally agree, talk about poor back health and babies!


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                  Quick update!! has now posted an apology on their website in place of the ad!!!


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                    I witnessed the whole motrin thing "go down"... it started on Twitter and spread like wildfire.

                    I think the ad meant well but was horribly, horribly executed (hence it backfired in the most expensive way possible). That was a $18M down the drain. The copywriter for that ad ironically was on maternity leave when it all blew up.