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Please assure me she'll let me put her down..

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  • Please assure me she'll let me put her down..

    My baby girl just turned one. I stay at home with 5 out of the 7 days a week and work 2. I breastfeed, co-sleep and wear her daily. My friends and family think that I have 'spoiled' her and sometimes I start to think maybe I did (but I know better!) She follows me around with her arms in the air saying "up" or more like "bup" (so cute). I play with her all day and she get's plenty of attention. At what age did your little one stop wanting to be held all the time. I love it, but sometimes think I am going to be babywearing a 10 year old.

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    She sound like my first son, cautious and cuddly!

    She will get down when she is comfortable and ready. Is wonderful that you can provide that kind of consistency and security she desires. Do you feel like you hold her too much? Do you feel upset that your freinds and family criticize your willingness to hold her when she wants to be held? Is it mainly visiting places or when visitors come over? I think you are doing her a wonderful service!
    Not ever kid is interested in playing peek a boo with new people! (my second son is 15 mo and will walk up and 'talk' to everyone waiting in the dentist office, my first son at this age would not even smile at aunts and uncles seen occasionally from my arms! Its all in their personality) My shy son is still a little shy (4 yrs old) and still asks to be carried sometimes but is otherwise your everyday 4yr old!


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      it definitely depends on the child's personality. i wore my oldest in his sling until he was 2. my second wanted nothing to do w/being carried once he was walking at 11 mos. in either case, i can assure you, you will NOT be carrying around a 10 year old

      congratulations for being an emotionally responsive parent!


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        My son is almost 2 and still prefers to be worn in public (malls and walks), but around the house forget it. He is all over the place running and playing. He didn't start this though until he was about 18 months. He is a shy kid and still shys away from extended family at first, but after a few minutes he's your typical toddler. Hang in there and you are doing the best thing for her!


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          I don't have an answer, my LO is 10 months old and wants to be picked up alot, but I just wanted to tell you that you sound like a wonderful mama. Good job on being so responsive to her needs! Enjoy this time when she wants to be held even though it can be tiring because one day you might wish she wanted to be held more!



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            She sounds like my first, too (have you noticed this trend?). Is she your first? I think that with first-borns, they need so much to be 'up' with mommy. I heard the same things from folks, that I was spoiling my DD, that I was 'causing' her to be needy, that I had to 'train' her to be independent. Fortunately, like you, I saw that it was all rubbish!

            Now she is a happy, secure 4.5 year old who I *wish* would miss me and want held more!

            And, like the other moms here, my 2nd two wanted held, especially in public, but mainly just want to be down playing. In fact, my youngest used to scream at me when she was about 6 weeks old if I held her too much! She wanted down in the action with the others! So, if you do want a break from all of the holding, try taking her on playdates. Let her sit in your lap, then explore from there.

            You are a great mom! Keep listening to your little girl and your heart!


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              That is hilarious!!! I have never heard it quite like that before. "wearing". I understand where you are coming from. I call/ed mine "hip huggers". I have found that I can do ALOT one handed. My 1 yr old does run around but still likes to be held. Especially when I am trying to do dishes which requires two hands. So I use an Evenflo hiker a family member gave to us. It wears easy and puts less strain than carrying in the front. She loves it! Happy to be riding and close to mommy. Plus she has a better view of what I am doing. When I had a garage sale, she was in it almost the entire time.You can google "evenflo hiker" and find several on ebay.