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From sling to stroller - HELP!

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  • From sling to stroller - HELP!

    My ds is almost 11 months old and has never ridden in a stroller and now absolutely refuses to. Since we live in Turkey, it began as a matter of safety and ease to use the sling, then baby carriers for the bazzar and general going out. However, now he's getting bigger and taller and it's becomming more and more difficult for me to haul him around in the baby carrier everywhere. We've tried the stroller several times but he has always had absolute meltdowns - to the extent that strangers have asked if we needed help! We have to come up with a solution as I am planning to travel to the US with him alone this summer and there is no way I can do it without using a stroller. Any suggestions?

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    Keep offering, let him play with it at home, get him more used to the idea.

    I bet he really, really, felt safe close to you in the sling. There must be a fear he is feeling about the transition, about the stroller. Have you thought of another type of baby carrier such as an Ergo or Becco? Would you be able to purchase or borrow different kinds of strollers to see if it YOURS specifically? Have you tried putting him in it at different times of the day, when he was already in a good, curious mood, or when he is sleepy or fussy?

    Fill me in!
    Thanks... Oh Turkey, I have dreamed of Turkey!


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      I second the suggestion of trying another type of carrier. Something that goes over both shoulders like a Mei Tai. I think they are so much more comfortable.



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        I have a great carrier that keeps him right on the hip. It's very comfortable and he loves it. That's not the issue. The thing is sometimes I just need him to ride in the stroller because I do everything on foot and things like shopping at the bazzar are really getting tough to do with him on one him and 20 pounds of vegetables on the other. I will try letting him play with it in the house and see if that helps him become more familiar with it. Well look into some other styles too - the one we have is my sister-in-laws and it's a big Chico, maybe he needs something smaller. It's very very crowded here and the Turks love babies and always stop and talk to him everywhere we go- it's a wonderful culture that way- at first I though it was maybe just too many people comming at him, but we've tried when there were no people anywhere but mom and dad and he still freaked out. You're definately right, something scares him about being alone down in the stroller as opposed to close to me. I just wish I could help him get thorugh it. Everytime we go out I see babies all content and happy in their strollers and I'm developing intense stroller envy! He's a stubborn little Turk but there has to be a way!!!

        I do have to confess, the first time I read a post that mentioned a Mei Tai - it was something in response to a baby that didn't sleep I think- I thought someone was suggesting that she have a drink before nursing! I though - my, now that's one apporach! Needless to say I now know what it is - but I had to google it. We don't have them here, acutally we're not much beyond the '70's as far as baby goods go.


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          I have pushed a stroller around at times and have just kept my junk in it and wore my baby on my back. It might seem silly at first (to have a stroller and be carrying the baby) but that means all the carrots, potatoes and diaper bag can be pushed in the stroller. That also might be a way to transition him.
          I really must insist that an non-hip carrier would be better in a bazaar situation as you mention his weight being a concern. A back carrier such as a Ergo or becco are REALLY worth the investment. I wore my son's through airports in them because it was just too difficult with all the people and escalators etc....

          I am partial to the Ergo because I have one....

          It just might be the friendliness of the Turkish people at the bazaar that he is not happy about. I bet he feels safer closer to you. In America where people might keep their distance more, I bet you won't have a problem.


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            I find that using a Beco or Ergo helps so much. I can still wear my 3.5 yr old on my back quite comfortably. When he is on my back, I have my hands completely free, as well as my hips if I need to prop something heavier on my hips. I hardly feel the weight of my child.


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              I've seen some strollers that face towards you rather than out and I think they sit higher up then something like an umbrella stroller. Facing outward and looking at everyone towering over you is probably pretty intimidating especially in a big crowd. But I'm also a fan of wearing baby in a carrier and pushing an empty stroller, in fact I do this on a dail basis since I don't have a car so it works great for hauling groceries home. My son is 8 months now and never really liked the stroller either but is slowly warming up to it, I still always carry my ergo along with me just in case he gets fussy.


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                Trying a different kind of carrier is a great idea, and I wanted to add that it could be easier on you if you share the burden with your husband when not breastfeeding. I'm sure he wouldn't mind carrying or wearing your son half the time, and it would probably be much easier on you to do the carrying only half the time instead of all the time.


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                  I frequently wear DS while using a stroller for my gear/shopping.

                  In fact, when we go to the zoo, we have a small umbrella stroller in which I stack my bag, lunchbag, and camera bag. Then kiddo goes on my hip or front. For shopping, I use a back carry, as he's two and it's just a lot more comfy. It's just harder for him to see when he's in a back carry in the Ergo, so we do things differently at the zoo.