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    I am so glad you were able to find support and guidance at the LLL meeting on the how-to's of a wrap. And score for you on finding such a great deal on fabric for your wrap!

    I used a stretchy fabric (moby, bali baby) when my children were younger and I was learning how to use the wrap. It was more forgiving! After the first couple months I moved onto woven wraps, both because my baby was heavy and because I was comfortable using the wrap. I had a Bali Baby Breeze,, and a Storchenwiege that I used interchangeably. Wraps are fantastic for carrying a heavy babe!

    Have fun at the festival and happy babywearing!


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      try a pouch

      For others with similar struggles getting started I would suggest trying a pouch. The learning curve is not nearly as steep as those of wraps and ring slings. I started with an adjustable pouch with a padded strap that adjusted with a ring. I bought this on e-bay from Freedom Slings. But there are other vendors out there that make similar pouches that adjust with a ring.
      The adjustability is just a simple tug to shorten or lengthen the strap, the pouch itself is of a non-adjustable size. So you aren't getting into adjusting bottom and top rail like with a ring sling.
      This is still Liam's favorite sling at 10 weeks and we put him in it when he was days old. I now have another non-adjustable pouch, a RS and a wrap. You will find this is addicitive!
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        Sleepy Wrap

        I skimmed the replies to your post and I don't think I saw a mention of Sleepy Wraps, if I missed it I'm sorry. I love mine and couldn't do without it. It wraps around and ties but is extremely simple, a couple of pictures are all you need, not an instruction manual or video. My four week old has loved it from the start and it can be used in many different positions with baby but still with the same tie so you don't need to learn a bunch of different ways. I recommend it very highly.


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          I used a star sling. Great for tiny babies and pretty much idiot proof!