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What's your favorite carrier these days?

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    I love my ergo! Now that my DD can go on my back I can wear her when I'm exercising at home on the treadmill and I can freely do housework with her. She happily plays with my hair and drifts off to sleep. Gotta love it!


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      I used different carriers with each child. I LOVE them and have WAY TOO MANY!!!

      With my youngest:
      I love my hot sling (when it matches -HAHA!) and I loved my Maya wrap when she was first born.

      My favorite carrier and most used was the Ergo. I loved that I could wear her on my back. (grocery shopping, walking on the beach, seeing the sites in China etc) It also was great for my husband and he would carry her all the time using this one. Picture this, a tall man pushing a 4 year old up a hill on her bike cause of the steep incline, with 2 large dogs and a baby strapped to his back. He was quite the sight and the neighbors probably looked at him funny. I just thought "he is my man!"

      My daughter won't wear it anymore and I wish she would, cause she is so "busy" now that I go one way and she goes another.


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        My favorite sling is my maya ring sling. I never used one for my girls (didn't know the things even existed!), but loved them for both of my boys. The problem is my youngest ds is 19 months old and hates to be in any type of sling. When we go out, I put him in the stroller. My older ds though (3.5) would still go in the sling though. He loves the closeness. We are expecting another baby in September and I plan on using it with this baby too. It was my "must-have" when my children were infants.


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          We use the Ergo. I'm thinking about a solarweave SSC for summer, though.

          The first summer, we used a solarveil ring sling.


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            a tall man pushing a 4 year old up a hill on her bike cause of the steep incline, with 2 large dogs and a baby strapped to his back.
            That's such a lovely picture, Sunshine! My husband is the same - he loves carrying our DD in the sling and will jump for it any chance he can get. He gets a lot of admiring smiles and comments from people!


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              With my son at almost 2.5 yo, I've discovered the Comfy Joey pouch love. I wouldn't go long distances with it but it is great to keep in my purse (it folds up very small and light). Great for when my toddler is feeling suddenly clingy or tired while we are out shopping. I couldn't believe I'm using and loving a pouch at this point in the game. I didn't like pouches at all for newborns.

              I've had my Ergo since my DS was about 4 mo and I've loved it ever since. Great for long journey's and easy to use.


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                I'm really enjoying my RS from gurumama (it's a local company run by my Birthing from Within instructor). it took me a bit to get the hang of it, but now i use it every day!

                although after reading all these responses, I'm bidding on a MT on ebay... gotta try one of those out