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how long to wear each day?

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  • how long to wear each day?

    My daughter is 6 weeks old. I really want to carry as much as possible and feel it is so important but have a hard time knowing when to carry her. For example, after she ate today I wanted to wear her but she got really sleeping and feel asleep in my lap. I still put her in the Ergo. But she got very upset and it took forever to get her back to sleep. Plus she never seems to sleep as well when I wear her as she does when I put her in her crib, etc. So, then I end up with a crabby baby because she doesn't sleep well during the day. IN addition, she really only likes to be worn for about an hour before she gets really fussy and I use the Ergo, the Maya, and sometime the Bjorn. Same situation when we shop. Do I take her out of the car seat or put her in and our of a carrier at every store? Then when she does fall asleep in the carrier I don't konw what to do. I feel like I can't but her down but then I can't do things like shower, etc. I feel like it shouldn't be this stressful. My husband doesn't really get it and is constantly telling me to just try putting her down. I really need some help.

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    it is stressful learning about this new person that has entered your life. it takes time for you to figure each other out. the point of babywearing, bfing, and all the other things we do, is to aid in establish attachment, which is the emotional bond between a parent and child. it sounds to me like you're well on your way b/c you are intent on trying to figure things out.

    every baby is different. some like being worn more than others. some sleep better in the carrier, others on a flat surface. listen to her cues. if you choose to use a stroller or carseat carrier, be sure to interact w/her often and get involved w/her exploration of the world. as she grows and you become more familiar w/carriers, you may find it easier to pop her in and out of a carrier at each stop.

    i know you probably want someone to say 'wear baby 2.25 hours/day for ultimate bonding', but you are her mom and your instincts are better than anyone else's. be confident!


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      I started by wearing my son when I needed to get things done around the house. If you want to do some dishes or whatever, just pop her in the carrier and do what you need to do. My LO likes me to wear him when I vaccuum. Just wear her until she gets fussy and then put her down and you can wear her again later if you want to. I always wear my LO when I go to the store. I try to group errands together that are close by each other so I can walk to them because I hate taking my son in and out of car seat and carrier too especially if he's asleep. I also wear him when I go for walks. I love wearing my baby, it's my favorite thing. It should be enjoyable to both of you, so do what is comfortable for you both. You'll get more used to it as you do it more and your baby might like it even more when she can hold her head up and look around at the world.


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        I also just started wearing my baby and I have found if she is sleeping, leave her where she is. She isn't missing anything by being in the car seat asleep. Then when she wakes up put her in the sling. I sometimes will lug around the stroller while wearing her so if she gets sleepy or uncomfortable I can put her in it and keep her happy. As far as how long to wear them, I get worried I'm keeping her in it too long but I have heard of people wearing their baby 12 hours a day! They just have to get used to it first.


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          My DS1(3yrs) did not like being worn - I did it only when I had to get stuff done. (I got me first carrier when he was like 3 mo - maybe he would have been different if he was worn from the get-go) He's cuddly, but an on the go kind of guy and wanted down more than up early on. DS2 (5wks) would be in heaven to be worn 24/7 (so far). Follow your LO's cues, she'll let you know what she wants!