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Just bought an ergo, need advice

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  • Just bought an ergo, need advice

    So I have gone through 3 carriers already. I had the Moby which I liked but my daughter hated it because she likes her arm to be free. So I traded someone the Moby for the Bjorn which my daughter Loooves but it kills my back! So I bought an Ergo today but it seems like she is too big for the infant insert (she's 3mo. and 12 1/2 pounds) but she is too small without the insert. Has anyone else had this problem and if so any advise or can anyone recommend a good video to see how it's done? I watched the one on the Ergo website but they use a newborn and make it look so easy!

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    I hear you about the Bjorn, although I love the Moby, and there are ways to let her arms out. There are so many carries one can do with a wrap, and not all are listed in the Moby instructions.

    As for the Ergo infant carrier, I didn't have a lot of luck with it and gave up. Did you try the tummy-to-tummy hold that can work with the insert (there is a video on their web site)? She may fit better that way and like it much more.

    I just carry babe in either a wrap or a ring sling now and will use the Ergo when he can sit up unassisted. Don't get rid of the Ergo! You'll get a ton of use out of it for the next few years, while the Moby, depending on your baby's growth, may have only lasted a few more months because it is a stretchy wrap, as opposed to a woven wrap.



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      It is very common to go through MANY carriers depending on the age of your child and the occassions needs. Do yourself a favor and connect with some local people, nothing works better then actually seeing someone and having them help you. Keep that Ergo for later when that child is a little bigger even if you never get it with the infant insert. How small is your child? Are you fearful of making it too tight, that happens alot with new parents. Where are you located? let's find you some local babywearers!


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          Let me tell you about the amazing wrap I use! It's called "Sleepy Wrap" and you can order it online at My daughter (4mths now) loves it! I've carried her in the wrap since newborn. The baby can be worn in various positions....cradled, upright facing you or outwards. It provides really good head and neck support..hence I was able to use it even when my daughter didn't have the strength to hold her head up. The wrap disperses their weight evenly around your upper body so you don't feel it all in one location. I can wear her all day long and won't feel any pain or much stress. Worn properly, it also keeps your baby very snug to your body. Your body heat keeps them nice & warm. My daughter is usually naked underneath. Great for skin on skin contact. My husband uses it for that exact reason. AND....there's more....if baby is worn in an upright position, their ear is positioned right at your chest and hears your heart beat. My daughter will usually fall asleep shortly after being in the wrap and will stay asleep for hours. The wrap also allows you to breastfeed easily and discreetly! One last thing, the wrap is very's only $40 bucks US!

          I've actually had quite a few people buy the wrap simply from seeing me wear my daughter in it. I've tried quite a few carriers the first time around with my son and have found this wrap to be the best. Hope you'll give it a try


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            We started using the Ergo at 3 months, and our wee one and us love it... did yours come with informational DVD?? still using it now that she in one and find it coofy and easy to use. good luck!


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              Similar Issue

              I have a similar issue with my 2 month old. I carry her in it any and use one hand to support the back of her head. I am going to try to put a small pillow at the bottom of the Ergo so she is propped up a little higher, until she gets bigger.


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                HI Mama
                We used the Ergo from the get go in combination with the Moby. I found once my babe got to around 15 lbs, I needed the extra support of the Ergo - especially wearing him in the front. I used the tummy to tummy (froggy leg)- so babe's legs are curled up - kinda fetal position. I made the Ergo quite snug and wore it higher on my waist. I never used the infant insert. I didn't put his legs out until he was ready- around 4-5 months. At around 6-7 months he went on my back- once his hips loosened up.

                If baby will tolerate the Moby and Mama likes it too... it can be used. I found I needed to make it really tight to maintain the support of the bigger baby (15lbs +).

                Don't give up. Perhpas a Mei Tei would work better?


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                  You can never have too many carriers. I say buy a mei tai if you can until she gets big enough for you both to be comfortable with the ergo. Good luck!