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  • slings

    i'm looking to buy a sling before my baby boy is born in Oct. I'm so lost, there are so many different types , different prices and all.

    i dont know if the more expensive ones are better , or what the difference is.

    here is Target's sling selection

    the Eddie Bauer Infant Sling looks comfortable and so does the Infantino SlingRider - Black Toile.

    any info ?

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    For new babies, I like the Moby Wrap or a ring sling like the Maya Wrap because you can adjust the size (for you) and the snugness (for the baby) just right every time. For older babies and toddlers, I LOVE the Ergo Carrier. I personally found it helpful to have 2 different slings/carriers; one for when my babies were tiny, and a different one for when they got older and "sturdier". It helps so much if you can try on a sling before you buy it, or even better try it out. Do you have an API group near you that would have a sling library where you could check one out?


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      Hi mama,

      It is soooo confusing with all the different types out there. If you buy one at Target beware of the bag sling. The infantino, the Jellybean cargo sling and the Eddie Bauer slings are all bag slings. They tend to close over the baby so that you can't see them and they have been found to sometimes not have enough oxygen inside the sling because they close up and the baby can rebreathe CO2. They also can cause the baby's chin to go down to the chest and that can cut off the airway. Plus they really aren't comfortable. One place you can check out is I'll warn you it can be a little overwhelming, but if you check it out you can get some good info there. Also they have a forum called For Sale or Trade and you can buy all kinds of used carriers there.

      I have mei tais, wraps and a ring sling. I like all of them, but if you want one carrier I think a mei tai or a wrap is probably your best bet. Mei tais and wraps are more comfortable than a ring sling when your baby is older because they go over both shoulders. Wraps take a little more time to learn how to use them, but it can be really fun because there are different carries you can learn with them. Also mei tais and wraps are easier for putting an older baby on your back. Ring slings are really nice for newborns, though I put my 23 lb 17 month old in mine still, but for shorter trips. Wraps come in stretchy or woven. Stretchy wraps (like the Moby) are really comfortable, but aren't supportive enough once your baby reaches 15 lbs or so. I would personally get a woven wrap, they cost more, but will be usable longer. There are about a million different kinds of woven wraps, but they are all good. I would just get one that is a color you like and that you can afford. Again a good place to look is for sale or trade on thebabywearer.

      If you look around and have some questions about particular carriers, I can try to answer them for you. I babywearing!

      Good luck and have fun!


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          Do you mean 'the babywearer' Patricia? You can post it as long as you are not marketing it for personal gain!


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   is a wonderful site! I would recommend reading the reviews and forums over there. Moby wraps or Wrapsody wraps are especially great for newborns. Once babies get a bit older, soft structured carriers are very nice (Ergo, Beco, Olives and Applesauce, etc). If you end up really liking wraps then you may like woven wraps when your baby is a bit older.

            On thebabywearer you can also buy and sell used carriers. Good luck! Babywearing is such a wonderful and practical way to be close to and bond with your baby or child as well as get stuff done around the house or out and about.


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              Originally posted by naomifrederickmd View Post
              Do you mean 'the babywearer' Patricia? You can post it as long as you are not marketing it for personal gain!
              Yes that is it. GREAT resource for babywearing. It almost has TOO much information and can be overwhelming. It really helped me to read the forums to choose the ones that would work for me.