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Wearing down: Carrier vs Swing

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  • Wearing down: Carrier vs Swing

    Hello all,
    At nap time, many times, I carry my daughter(8wks) in an up-right carrier (she recently vetoed the sling) and she often nods off for nap. But when I put her down in bed she is up within 20 min. Or she just kicks and whines until I take her out. In her swing she sleeps and doesn't wake up. Do you think these cues sound like she "prefers" the swing?
    Thank you.

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    I say do what works for you. I used a mix of slings/carriers and the swing for both of my babies. One preferred the swing more than the other. And while she may be preferring the swing now, that may change again in a few weeks or months. It's nice to have lots of options to try so that you can adjust your response to her changing needs as she grows.
    The carrier will always have the added benefit of encouraging closeness and bonding with momma, so I would still try to keep it in the mix. But there's nothing wrong with using the swing if it works right now.


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      Thanks AP Jennifer